The notarial deed that establishes the building as horizontal property and divides it into independent and standard parts is called the constitutive title of the horizontal property. This document specifies aspects such as the composition of the apartments, the value of each fraction in the whole building, and the purpose of each one.

The condominium regulations and legal aspects may also be provided for in this document. To access it, you can request a certificate from the Land Registry Office in the area where your property is located.

What Are The Rights And Duties Of The Joint Owners?

As in life in society, the joint owner has rights and duties. The right to use its fraction and the common parts of the building corresponds to the duty to participate in the management of the condominium and in meetings or assemblies held for that purpose.

Keeping the required insurance (e.g., fire protection) up to date, exercising the position of administrator when required by law are also obligations of individual owners in this context.

Each condominium will have its own rules provided for in the regulation that is mandatory for buildings with more than four inhabitants. Rules can always be added to or removed from this regulation according to a majority vote and management decision.

The joint owner also has to participate in everyday expenses, not harm the security or the architecture of the building, not use their space to offend or harm other residents, among other rules of well-being (good manners, common sense, respect). Therefore, avoid making noise between 11 pm and 8 am, smoking inside closed spaces, leaving garbage or debris in common areas. Living in a condominium like Ari condo (คอนโด อารีย์ which is the term in Thai) has many advantages, but it is essential to respect the rules so that the coexistence between residents is harmonious.

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