Transition is really a place all its very own. Transition is really a host to in-between-liness, to be on the go, as well as in motion. Sorting and packing. Yes this/not too. Clearing space, literally, for any new existence cycle to follow along with, the unknown, fallow, yet fertile field not yet been plowed and sown.

My boxes are proof of transition. My studio has turned into a staging position for my move. The boxes propagate like fleas overnight and compare. My estimate of fifty boxes turns to a realistic look at 120 boxes and very little else. Boxes of sizes and shapes. A small box for heavy such things as my 3-legged pot from Botswana or my professional-quality massager that seems like the ground polisher if this covers my back. An enormous 6-feet custom-made box in my hands cast paper boat prepared to float inside a new lake. Gradually all of the lumpy objects are boxed and cased.

A neighbor involves compare well the “Heartshell” clay and steel sculpture to construct a crate for this. The moving expenses keep mounting, but I am in “Simply do it” mode. “Pay just the cost and move ahead.” I increase to town to obtain a roll of bubble-wrap we jam within the passenger seat from the vehicle and boxes that ride within the back. A later date I borrow my sweetheart’s truck to haul back three huge bags of organic packing peanuts in the Paper and Janitorial supply store. A pleasant older man driving a sports vehicle helps me tie lower my strain on the rear of the18 wheeler using its sideboards up.

As well as the more than a dozen journeys towards the women’s shelter. They are fully aware me there now and complete the itemized list once i leave.

The archeology of private history is revealed through objects. My past was discovered, uncovered, and retrieved when i pack. Bubble-wrap becomes insulation, protection, and transparency. You can observe what you are protecting. It’s like another body within the vehicle.

What’s this area of transition asking of me?

“Jesse, you’ve got to be open, yet bounded. Strong yet vulnerable. Wise, within this newness.”

“Exactly what does this area of transition learn about me?”

“If the place could speak through me, what can it need to push aside to become heard?”

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