Many people are already opting for the rolling shutter when building or renovating houses, commercial establishments, or industries, and, with you, it should be no different. This is an excellent alternative for closing garages, shop windows, docks, hangars, and other types of environments that require safety and practicality. What many don’t know is how to choose the suitable model for their door. Do you already know? So, check out this post!

What Is The Main Advantage Of The Rolling Shutter?

One roll-up door can save a lot of space in an environment. It is an excellent option for buildings with reduced front widths, i.e., narrow terrain. As the closing profile of this equipment wraps around a shaft installed at the top of the passageway, it does not require extra space on the sides when opened.

Remote gates (ประตู รั้ว รีโมท which is the term in Thai), for example, as opposed to roll-up doors, require a front area of ​​at least twice that of the size of the door. In the case of a model that is 5 meters wide, the lateral space to accommodate it, completely open, must be at least 5 meters as well. This requires the front of the property to be at least 10 meters wide.

The length of the room is also a factor that can affect the choice of door type. In compact and narrow garages, those where only the car can fit and nothing else, the only option is the roll-up door. A hinged or a sliding door would not operate properly, making it impossible to open or close.

Best Value For Money

Finally, when we analyze all the features of the automatic roll-up door, we conclude that it is much safer and more durable than standard gates and that it meets perfectly in terms of resistance x quality.

This equipment may eventually have a higher acquisition cost. Still, when we take into account its durability and benefit, we realize that, in the long run, this door has the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.

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