Building and construction require a solid investment of both time and money. Obviously, you would want them to be done right, which means you need a trustworthy and professional construction company that can see to all your needs. Nan Inc. fits the bill in this regard, a company that has its headquarters located in Honolulu, in the beautiful state of Hawaii. A number of constructions you see in Hawaii have been done by Nan Inc. and they are the perfect example of elegance, class and style that you can want in a building. 

But, what makes them capable of doing the job right? In order to find this answer, you need to know about the person behind Nan Inc., its founder Patrick Shin. He came to the United States from South Korea and changed his name from Nan Chul Shin in order to adjust to the new culture. After doing majors in business administration, he moved to Hawaii and worked as a laborer for two years with a construction company. Thanks to his experience in this field, he came to understand the contribution that could be made to Hawaii through construction. 

Therefore, he decided to setup a construction company, which he launched in 1990 by the name of Nan Inc. You can visit the official blog about Patrick Shin Construction to know more about him. The company started with Shin and one employee, but has transformed from a small-scale setup to one of the largest construction companies that can be found in Hawaii today. The one-man business is now 30 years old and has more than 500 employees working in the field of construction. Nan Inc. has been assigned various multimillion dollar projects and it has done an exceptional job in handling each of them.

Its impeccable construction management services prompted the government to award contracts to Nan Inc. as well. The company has played a major role in construction in the hospitality industry of Hawaii, as a number of chain of hotels and resorts gave their contracts to Nan Inc. because they were looking for superior and timely work. The trust of local businesses and the Hawaiian community has helped the company in transforming into one of the largest construction companies. They have a great deal of experience and expertise in handling different types of projects, ranging from historical renovations to modern upgrades, making it a great company for everyone’s construction needs. 

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