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The region of Edinburgh in Scotland has always been considered one of the best in terms of natural and cultural beauty. It is the key place for Scottish culture and education and as such is a much loved place for living. There are many settlements around Edinburgh; however the new homes Pinkhill are nowadays attracting a huge number of settlers. It is in the Murrayfield area that lies on the west side of the centre of Edinburgh City. It is one of the most beautiful suburbs available for residential purposes in the city. While the place is in proximity to a multitude of facilities from central Edinburgh, here are some other key places near the settlement.

Murrayfield Stadium

A majority of the population of the world is in love with sports. So, the region has the fifth largest stadium in the United Kingdom in the vicinity. It is a facility most would love to have near them as they can enjoy a good game on an anytime basis without much of a hustle. The stadium is often referred to as the home of Scottish Rugby. It is a great option for having a family time out with.

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Edinburgh Zoo

Speaking of a great family time, kids love the company of animals and so here is another great facility in the neighborhood. The great zoo of Edinburgh is the second most visited location in the city after the castle of Edinburgh. The zoo lies on the slopes of Corstorphine Hill facing in a southward direction. The zoo has been involved in many pursuits in natural science, which makes a fascinating point for kids as well as grown-ups.

Mary Erskine School

This all girls school has a great legacy ever since its establishment in the 17th century. It is one of the best places for quality of education girls in the nearby region and also hosts a boarding facility as well.

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