Relocating or moving to a new house seems very interesting and exciting. No doubt it is, but do not forget every picture has two sides. Moving to a new home is exciting because you will find a new place to live. Additionally, the new location will give you a new perspective of thinking.

On the other hand, before moving, you have to pass through many complex processes. You have to pack your luggage correctly, contact different utility companies, and call upon a removal company. The most difficult one among all is to look at all your belongings and figure out how to pack so it is compact enough to fit in a moving truck. Indeed you will be confused about where to start? You question what you should pack first and how to go about it? Fortunately, we have expert removalists Perth share valuable tips for the proper packing of your upcoming house move.

Start packing in advance

Always start your packing weeks before the time of moving. Ultimately this will provide you with enough time to pack all the items correctly in a safe manner and in doing this; there are minimal chances of breaking articles. Furthermore, you will be better prepared and be able to control the situation when problems arise which makes the task of packing become easy.

Start with items you use less frequent

Always start packing items you are not using currently. For instance, if it is summer, pack in all the accessories for the winter season first. Then move towards the items that you aren’t likely to use before the move such as gardening tools, DIY tools, camping equipment, etc.The most important thing is to make available essential items and pack those that you know won’t be touched until the move has completed.


Donating items is an essential step towards the packing process, this should be done fairly early on and deciding and separating out the items that you do not want to take with you needs to be a priority. You can give these items to charity or to the friend that is helping you pack. You could even consider selling items for extra cash to offset your moving costs.

Pack one room at a time

To avoid any complications, pack a single room at a time. If you start packing more than one room, packing becomes complicated. You can easily get overwhelmed and this can cause anxiety which is counter-productive. Set yourself a goal and concentrate on a particular room before you jump onto the next.

Maintain weight of each box

One factor to consider when packing is to maintain the weight of each box. Try not to exceed the weight of each box and if a particular box is heavy, be sure to label it so the person lifting the box won’t get a nasty surprise.It is easier to have a combination of boxes with varying weight; lighter boxes are handy to stack higher in the moving truck whilst the box with a heavier weight becomes problematic when manual handling.

Use plastic bags

For the packaging of detergents and toiletries, always use plastic bags. The reason is that plastic bags are non-biodegradable and store such material properly. Additionally, for the bottle detergents, place pieces of plastic bags over the neck of bottles and cork them properly.

Store essential things in one place

Always pack your important items in one box so that you do not forget to unpack any of your important items. By storing it in one box and having them easily accessible, you’ll always know where they are and can retrieve what you need when you need them.

Make a folder for documents

You do not need to put your important documents in any box, instead make a folder for all your documents you will need access to. Utility bills, phone bills, moving contract are common paperwork for moving day to keep handy.

Label boxes

To avoid any confusion, label each and every box you pack. It will help you identify items while moving and understand where each box goes in the new place. This simple task can save a whole lot of time when it comes to unpacking.

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