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Wetaskiwin ( wə-TAS-k(ə-)win) is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada. The city is located 70 kilometres (43 mi) south of the provincial capital of Edmonton. The city name comes from the Cree word wītaskiwinihk, meaning “the hills where peace was made”.Wetaskiwin is home to the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, a museum dedicated to celebrating “the spirit of the machine” as well as the Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum, which documents the pioneer arrival and lifestyle in Wetaskiwin’s early years. Southeast of Wetaskiwin, the Alberta Central Railway Museum acknowledges the impact that the railway had on Central Alberta.

The city is well known in Western Canada for the slogan and jingle “Cars cost less in Wetaskiwin”, from the Wetaskiwin Auto Dealers Association. Both have been in print, radio, and television advertisements since the mid-1970s.


13 Highway
13e Highway
2a Highway
36 Avenue
36 Street
37 Avenue
37a Avenue
38 Avenue
39 Avenue
39a Avenue
40 Avenue
40a Avenue
41 Avenue
42 Avenue
42 Street
43 Avenue
43 Street
44 Avenue
44 Street
45 Avenue
45 Street
46 Avenue
46 Street
46a Street
47 Avenue
47 Street
47a Avenue
47a Street
48 Avenue
48 Street
49 Avenue
49 Street
50 Avenue
50 Street
51 Avenue
51 Street
51a Street
52 Avenue
52 Street
53 Avenue
53 Street
53a Street
54 Avenue
54 Street
54a Street
55 Avenue
55 Street
55a Street
56 Avenue
56 Street
57 Avenue
57 Street
58 Street
60 Avenue
60 Street
61 Street
61a Street
62 Street
63 Avenue
64 Avenue
64 Street
72 Avenue
73 Street
Alder Crescent
Applewood Street
Ashwood Street
Aspen Avenue
Aspen Ridge Crescent
Aspen Ridge Road
Birch Crescent
Caledonia Street
Cameron Crescent
Cedar Drive
Centennial Drive
Clearwater Crescent
Elm Crescent
Evergreen Crescent
Garden Meadows Drive
Garden View Way
Garnet Crescent
Garwood Crescent
Garwood Drive
Green Ash Drive
Hawthorn Crescent
Highlands Place
Highway Street
Inglewood Drive
Lilac Crescent
Maple Crescent
Mayday Crescent
Monterey Estate
Monterey Place
Mountain Ash Drive
Nordal Close
Northbend Drive
Northgate Crescent
Northlake Lane
Northland Close
Northmount Drive
Northridge Road
Northview Drive
Northwood Crescent
Norwood Court
Norwood Drive
Oak Drive
Parkallen Way
Parkglen Close
Parkridge Crescent
Parkside Drive
Parkview Close
Parkview Crescent
Parkview Drive
Pine Crescent
Pine Drive
Plum Crescent
Rose Garden Crescent
Spatinow Drive
Spruce Crescent
Wildrose Garden Estate
Willow Crescent
Willow Drive