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St. Albert

St. Albert is a city in Alberta on the Sturgeon River northwest of the City of Edmonton. It was originally settled as a Métis community, and is now the second-largest city in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. St. Albert first received its town status in 1904 and was reached by the Canadian Northern Railway in 1906.

Originally separated from Edmonton by several miles of farmland, the 1980s expansion of Edmonton’s city limits placed St. Albert immediately adjacent to the larger city on St. Albert’s south and east sides.


184 Street
184 Street North-west
2 Highway
633 Highway
Abbey Crescent
Abbottsford Place
Abel Place
Acorn Crescent
Addison Crescent
Adrian Place
Afton Crescent
Ainsley Place
Akins Drive
Akinsdale Gardens
Alan Place
Alana Court
Alcott Crescent
Alder Place
Alderwood Boulevard
Alicia Court
Allison Place
Alphonse Court
Alpine Boulevard
Alpine Place
Amber Crescent
Amherst Crescent
Andrew Crescent
Anita Crescent
Annette Crescent
Apple Place
Arbor Crescent
Arcand Drive
Arlington Drive
Ash Crescent
Ash Place
Aspen Crescent
Atkinson Place
Attwood Drive
Austin Crescent
Balmoral Drive
Banting Place
Beacon Crescent
Beaverbrook Crescent
Bellerose Drive
Bellevue Crescent
Belmont Drive
Bennett Place
Bernard Drive
Berrymore Drive
Birch Drive
Bishop Street
Bocock Place
Boudreau Road
Bradburn Crescent
Brandon Street
Brentwood Place
Broadview Crescent
Brunswick Crescent
Burnham Avenue
Burnham Place
Burns Street
Butterfield Crescent
Calder Place
Campbell Road
Carleton Drive
Carnegie Drive
Carswell Street
Chatelain Drive
Chevigny Street
Chisholm Avenue
Circle Drive
Coal Mine Road
Corriveau Avenue
Cunningham Road
Curial Drive
Dalhousie Street
Danbridge Place
Danforth Crescent
Daniel Place
Dartmouth Crescent
Darwell Terrace
Daulton Crescent
Dawson Road
Dayton Crescent
Deacon Place
Deane Crescent
Deer Ridge Drive
Deerbourne Drive
Deerfield Way
Delage Crescent
Delaney Place
Delbrook Boulevard
Delisle Court
Delorme Place
Delta Place
Delwood Place
Denault Place
Dennison Drive
Denny Court
Derome Court
Deschamps Court
Desevigny Place
Desjardins Terrace
Deslauriers Crescent
Desmarais Crescent
Deville Place
Devon Close
Dillon Place
Dion Place
Dominion Way
Donahue Close
Donald Place
Donlevy Place
Doolan Place
Dorchester Drive
Dorchester Point
Dorset Place
Doucette Place
Douglas Court
Douziech Close
Dover Court
Dressler Court
Dublin Place
Dubonnet Way
Dufferin Street
Duhaime Place
Dumet Place
Dumont Court
Dunbar Street
Duncan Court
Dundas Place
Dunewood Place
Dunfield Crescent
Dunsmuir Court
Dunvegan Court
Dupuis Court
Durand Place
Durham Avenue
Durocher Street
Duvall Court
Eagle Point
Eastbourne Close
Eastcott Drive
Eastgate Point
Eastgate Way
Eastpark Drive
Eastwood Place
Ebony Way
Eden Court
Edgemont Point
Edward Place
Edward Way
Edwin Crescent
Elbow Place
Elderberry Court
Eldon Court
Eldorado Drive
Elista Court
Elk Point
Ellesboro Close
Ellesmere Drive
Ellington Crescent
Elliot Place
Ellis Court
Elm Point
Elmwood Place
Embassy Place
Ember Court
Emerald Terrace
Emerson Place
Emery Court
Empire Court
Empress Way
Encino Place
Enderby Crescent
Enfield Place
English Way
Erickson Close
Erin Close
Erin Ridge
Erin Ridge Drive
Erin Ridge Road
Erindale Close
Erinwoods Place
Escada Close
Escallier Place
Essex Close
Estate Crescent
Ethan Place
Eton Terrace
Evans Place
Everest Crescent
Evergreen Close
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen Place
Everit Drive
Everwood Close
Fair Oaks Drive
Fairchild Drive
Fairfax Crescent
Fairholm Place
Fairview Boulevard
Falcon Crescent
Fallhaven Place
Falstaff Avenue
Farmstead Avenue
Fawcett Crescent
Fenwick Crescent
Fermont Street
Fernwood Crescent
Finch Crescent
Flagstone Crescent
Fleetwood Crescent
Flint Crescent
Forest Drive
Forest Grove
Franklin Place
Fraser Drive
Fulton Place
Gainsborough Avenue
Galarneau Place
Galaxy Place
Garcia Place
Garden Crescent
Gareth Place
Garfield Place
Garland Place
Garraway Place
Gaspe Court
Gate Avenue
Gatewood Avenue
Gaylord Place
Geneva Crescent
Gentry Court
Gentry Lane
Georgia Place
Gervais Road
Gilchrist Place
Gillian Crescent
Gilmore Crescent
Giroux Road
Glacier Place
Gladstone Crescent
Glen Meadow Crescent
Glenhaven Crescent
Glenmore Crescent
Glenview Crescent
Glenwood Crescent
Gloucester Drive
Goodridge Drive
Gordon Crescent
Gould Place
Governors Hill
Graham Avenue
Granada Place
Grandin Lakeside Village
Grandin Place
Grandin Road
Grandin Road Service Road
Grandin Village
Grandin Woods Estate
Grandora Crescent
Grandview Ridge
Grandville Avenue
Grandville Place
Grange Drive
Granite Avenue
Grantham Place
Green Grove Drive
Green Lees Place
Greenbrier Crescent
Greenfield Estate
Greenhill Street
Greenview Crescent
Greenwich Crescent
Greenwood Place
Greer Crescent
Grenfell Avenue
Grenier Place
Gresham Boulevard
Gretna Place
Greystone Place
Greystone Villas
Grosvenor Boulevard
Hamilton Crescent
Hampton Crescent
Hanover Place
Hanratty Point
Hansen Close
Harcourt Crescent
Hardcastle Place
Harland Court
Harmony Place
Harnois Place
Haro Place
Harriott Court
Harrold Place
Hart Place
Harvest Court
Harwood Drive
Haviland Crescent
Hawthorne Crescent
Hayden Place
Hayes Place
Heath Place
Hebert Road
Helen Place
Henri Close
Heritage Boulevard
Heritage Drive
Heritage Way
Hesse Place
Highland Crescent
Hillcrest Place
Hogan Road
Holloway Place
Holly Place
Holmgren Crescent
Horton Court
Howard Crescent
Hudson Road
Hunchak Way
Hunt Court
Hunter Place
Huntington Crescent
Huntly Court
Huot Place
Hutchinson Place
Hutton Place
Hyde Court
Inglewood Drive
Inglewood Local Road
Invermere Place
Inverness Crescent
Irongate Place
Ironstone Place
Ironwood Drive
Ironwood Point
Kandlewick Close
Karlyle Court
Kastle Pointe
Keating Point
Keillor Drive
Kelso Court
Kendall Crescent
Kenilworth Crescent
Kensington Place
Keystone Crescent
Kildeer Court
Kings Court
Kings Gate
Kingsborough Court
Kingsbridge Close
Kingsbury Crescent
Kingsdale Crescent
Kingsford Crescent
Kingsmeade Crescent
Kingsmere Place
Kingsmoor Close
Kingston Close
Kingsview Point
Kingsway Drive
Kingswood Boulevard
Kingswood Drive
Kirkwood Drive
Kluthe Court
Knights Court
L’ Hirondelle Court
Labelle Crescent
Lachambre Place
Lacombe Drive
Lacombe Point
Lafleur Drive
Lafonde Crescent
Lafranchise Court
Laird Place
Lakeside Green
Lamartine Crescent
Lambert Crescent
Lamoureux Place
Lancaster Crescent
Langholm Drive
Langley Avenue
Larch Way
Larissa Court
Larkspur Crescent
Laronge Way
Larose Drive
Larson Avenue
Lasalle Point
Latimer Place
Lauralcrest Place
Laurent Place
Laurier Crescent
Lauriston Place
Laval Drive
Lavoie Place
Lawrence Crescent
Laydon Drive
Leblanc Place
Leddy Avenue
Lee Place
Lemay Place
Lennox Drive
Leon Place
Leonard Drive
Lepine Place
Lester Crescent
Levasseur Road
Leveque Way
Lexington Drive
Liberton Drive
Lincoln Crescent
Lindbergh Crescent
Linwood Crescent
Livingstone Crescent
Lloyd Place
Lockhart Drive
Lodgepole Crescent
Loiselle Way
Lombard Crescent
Longview Crescent
Lorne Crescent
Lorraine Crescent
Louisbourg Place
Lovatt Place
Loyola Place
Lucerne Crescent
Lucien Drive
Lucinda Terrace
Lynne Court
Madison Avenue
Madonna Drive
Malmo Avenue
Maple Drive
Marchand Place
Marion Crescent
Mckenney Avenue
Meadowview Drive
Meadowview Lane
Michener Place
Milburn Crescent
Mill Drive
Mission Avenue
Mission Place
Montcalm Crescent
Montclare Place
Morgan Crescent
Mount Royal Drive
Muir Drive
Mural Crescent
Murray Crescent
Nadine Way
Naples Way
Napoleon Crescent
Nash Close
Nelson Court
Nevis Close
Newbury Close
Newbury Court
Newgate Way
Newmarket Way
Newport Crescent
Newton Place
Nicola Road
Nicolet Court
Noah Close
Noble Close
Norelle Terrace
Norfolk Close
Norman Court
Normandeau Crescent
Norris Crescent
North Ridge Drive
North Ridge Drive Service Road
Northridge Drive
Northstar Close
Norwood Close
Oak Point
Oak Vista Drive
Oakbay Point
Oakcrest Terrace
Oakdale Place
Oakhill Place
Oakland Way
Oakmont Drive
Oakpark Crescent
Oakridge Drive North
Oakridge Drive South
Oakview Crescent
Oasis Court
Odessa Place
Old Mckenney Avenue
Olivier Close
Olmstead Court
Olympia Court
Onesti Place
Opal Court
Orangewood Place
Orchard Court
Orchid Place
Oriole Court
Orion Close
Orlando Drive
Orleans Court
Ormandy Place
Osborne Close
Osprey Point
Otter Crescent
Ouellette Place
Outlook Place
Ovation Close
Overton Place
Oxford Place
Page Drive
Palladium Point
Paquette Place
Park Avenue
Parkwood Drive
Parnell Place
Patterson Crescent
Pearson Place
Pembina Place
Pembroke Crescent
Perrault Place
Perron Street
Piedmont Crescent
Pinegrove Place
Pineridge Crescent
Pineview Drive
Pineview Horizon Village
Placer Close
Poirier Avenue
Portland Place
Portman Place
Poundmaker Road
Primeau Lane
Primrose Place
Princeton Crescent
Range Road 253
Range Road 254
Range Road 255
Range Road 260
Ray Gibbon Drive
Ray Gibbon Road
Rayborn Crescent
Renault Crescent
Ridgewood Terrace
Riel Drive
Rivercrest Crescent
Rodeo Drive
Rowland Crescent
Sable Crescent
Salina Drive
Salisbury Avenue
Savoy Place
Scarboro Place
Service Road
Seymore Crescent
Sheridan Drive
Sir Winston Churchill Avenue
Sonora Drive
Sorrel Crescent
Springfield Crescent
Spruce Crescent
St. Albert Road
St. Anne Street
St. Joseph Street
St. Michael Street
St. Thomas Street
St. Vital Avenue
Stanley Drive
Sterling Street
Sturgeon Point Villa
Sturgeon Road
Sunnyside Crescent
Sunset Boulevard
Swallow Crescent
Sycamore Avenue
Sylvan Drive
Tache Street
Vaness Road
Villeneuve Road
Wagner Place
Wakefield Boulevard
Wakefield Place
Walden Crescent
Walden Park
Walnut Place
Washington Place
Waterford Place
Waverly Drive
Weatherby Place
Wedgewood Place
Welland Crescent
Wentworth Crescent
Westridge Place
Westview Place
Westwood Drive
Wheatstone Crescent
Whitby Place
Whitehall Crescent
Whiteoak Place
Whiteoaks Estate
Whitman Place
Willoughby Drive
Willowbrook Crescent
Wimbleton Crescent
Windermere Crescent
Windsor Crescent
Wingate Place
Wolcott Place
Woodcrest Avenue
Woodlands Close
Woodlands Road
Woodstock Place
Wordsworth Place
Wycliff Place