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Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove is a city that is 11 km (6.8 mi) west of Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada. The city is adjacent to the Town of Stony Plain and is surrounded by Parkland County.

With a 2021 population of 37,645, Spruce Grove is the ninth-largest city in Alberta. The mayor of Spruce Grove is Jeff Acker.

Spruce Grove is home to the Horizon Stage Performing Arts Centre, a local theatre, and the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre, a recreation facility shared with Stony Plain and Parkland County.

Jennifer Heil, the freestyle skier who won the first gold medal for Canada in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, and a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics is from Spruce Grove, as is Carla MacLeod, a member of the 2010 Canada women’s national ice hockey team, and Hockey Hall of Fame member and Stanley Cup-winning goalie Grant Fuhr.


16a Highway
1st Avenue East
324 Heatherglen Drive
Agrena Road
Alberta Avenue
Andrews Crescent
Arlington Place
Arlington Street
Ashby Gardens
Ashgrove Bay
Ashton Gate
Aspenglen Court
Aspenglen Crescent
Aspenglen Drive
Aspenglen Place
Aspenglen Way
Avonlea Court
Avonlea Way
Balmoral Drive
Beaumont Avenue
Beechmont Avenue
Beechmont Crescent
Belleville Avenue
Belmont Crescent
Benton Street
Berkeley Street
Beverly Avenue
Blairmore Place
Blairmore Street
Brampton Street
Brantford Street
Brebner Place
Bristow Crescent
Brookside Avenue
Brookside Crescent
Brookwood Crescent
Brookwood Drive
Brookwood Park
Brookwood Place
Burlington Avenue
Burlington Place
Calahoo Road
Campsite Road
Campsite Road South
Century Crossing
Century Road
Church Road
Collingwood Avenue
Commerce Road South
Creekside Close
Creekside Way
Danfield Court
Danfield Place
Dawson Court
Deer Park Bay
Deer Park Boulevard
Deer Park Close
Deer Park Cove
Deer Park Crescent
Deer Park Drive
Deer Park Point
Deer Park Road
Deer Park Way
Deerfield Boulevard
Deerfield Court
Deerfield Place
Diamond Avenue
Dillon Bay
Dillworth Crescent
Dorchester Road
Eccles Crescent
Fairway Drive
Fairway Point
Fieldstone Close
Fieldstone Cove
Fieldstone Crescent
Fieldstone Drive
Fieldstone Gate
Fieldstone Place
Fifth Avenue
First Avenue
Goebel Bay
Goebel Close
Goebel Drive
Goebel Place
Golden Spike Road
Golden Spike Road South
Gosset Place
Grassview Close
Grassview Crescent
Greenwood Bay
Greenwood Close
Greenwood Crescent
Greenwood Drive
Greenwood Place
Greystone Bay
Greystone Close
Greystone Crescent
Greystone Drive
Groat Crescent
Groat Drive
Groat Place
Grove Drive
Grove Drive West
Grove Meadow Drive
Grove Seniors
Guenette Crescent
Guenette Place
Hagen Court
Halden Court
Halden Crescent
Hale Place
Halsted Court
Halverson Court
Haney Court
Haney Landing
Harrington Bay
Hartwick Court
Hartwick Gate
Hartwick Landing
Hartwick Loop
Hartwick Mews
Hartwick Way
Harvard Bay
Harvard Place
Harvest Ridge Drive
Harwood Court
Havenwood Court
Hawthorne Gate
Hazeldean Point
Heatherglen Close
Heatherglen Crescent
Heatherglen Drive
Heatherlands Way
Henderson Bay
Henderson Court
Henderson Gate
Henderson Landing
Henderson Link
Heron Crescent
Heron Link
Heron Point
Hickory Trail
Highlands Way
Hilborn Cove
Hill Downs Drive
Hillcrest Court
Huntington Bay
Huntington Crescent
Huntington Drive
Huxley Cove
Jespersen Avenue
King Street
Lakeland Drive
Lakewood Cove North
Lakewood Cove South
Lakewood Drive
Lamplight Bay
Lamplight Cove
Lamplight Drive
Lamplight Link
Lancaster Close
Landon Crescent
Landon Drive
Landon Way
Landry Court
Landsdowne Close
Landsdowne Drive
Langley Crescent
Lansing Close
Larch Bay
Lawson Boulevard
Lazerte Place
Leyland Close
Leyland Way
Linden Street North
Linden Street South
Lindsay Avenue
Lindsay Close
Lindsay Crescent
Links Road
Linkside Boulevard
Linkside Close
Linkside Court
Linkside Place
Linkside Way
Linksview Bay
Linksview Close
Linksview Court
Linksview Cove
Linksview Drive
Linksview Place
Linthorpe Road
Longview Close
Longview Crescent
Longview Drive
Longview Place
Longview Point
Madison Crescent
Madison Street
Main Street
Manor Drive
Maple Street
Marlboro Drive
Marlboro Place
Marlin Street
Marmot Avenue
Mathias Avenue
Matthew Road
Mckean Way
Mcleod Avenue
Mcpherson Avenue
Melton Avenue
Merrill Street
Miller Avenue
Miller Place
Millgrove Drive
Mobile City Estate
Mohr Avenue
Morel Bay
Morel Close
Morel Crescent
Morel Drive
Morel Place
Morris Street
North Avenue
North Street
Oatway Street
Oswald Drive
Prima Villa
Queen Street
Railway Avenue
Range Road 271
Ridge Drive
Sage Crescent
Saskatchewan Avenue
Schram Street
Shep Street
South Avenue
Spring Gate
Spring Grove Crescent
Springfield Crescent
Spruce Gardens Crescent
Spruce Glen
Spruce Grouse Crescent
Spruce Hills Condo
Spruce Ridge Drive
Spruce Ridge Road
Spruce Village Drive East
Spruce Village Drive West
Spruce Village Way
Spruce Way
St. Mathews Avenue
Stoneshire Close
Stoneshire Crescent
Stoneshire Manor
Sunset Boulevard
Valarie Bay
Vanderbilt Common
Vanessa Avenue
Vaughn Avenue
Vega Avenue
Vega Street
Venice Boulevard
Ventura Street
Vernon Street
Verona Crescent
Veronica Hill
Victor Court
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Bay
Village Road
Virginia Avenue
Virginia Loop
Vista Street
Vivian Way
Voleta Court
Walnut Street
Wascana Street
Waverley Crescent
Waverley Place
Wedgewood Avenue
Wellington Crescent
West Terrace Place
Westbend Street
Westbourne Road
Westcove Place
Westcove Street
Westerland Place
Westfield Street
Westglen Crescent
Westgrove Drive
Westlake Drive
Westminster Close
Weston Court
Weston Drive
Westridge Crescent
Westridge Place
Westview Crescent
Westway Road
Westwood Place
Willow Street
Winchester Avenue
Windermere Drive
Windsor Street
Woodhaven Drive
Woodside Crescent
Yellowhead Road