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Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat is a city in southeast Alberta, Canada. It is located along the South Saskatchewan River. It is approximately 169 km (105 mi) east of Lethbridge and 295 km (183 mi) southeast of Calgary. This city and the adjacent Town of Redcliff to the northwest are within Cypress County. Medicine Hat was the sixth-largest city in Alberta in 2016 with a population of 63,230. It is also the sunniest place in Canada according to Environment and Climate Change Canada, averaging 2,544 hours of sunshine a year.

Started as a railway town, today Medicine Hat is served by the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) and the eastern terminus of the Crowsnest Highway (Highway 3). Nearby communities considered part of the Medicine Hat area include the Town of Redcliff (abutting the city’s northwest boundary) and the hamlets of Desert Blume, Dunmore, Irvine, Seven Persons, and Veinerville. The Cypress Hills (including Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park) is a relatively short distance (by car) to the southeast of the city.

Historically, Medicine Hat has been known for its large natural gas fields, being immortalized by Rudyard Kipling as having “all hell for a basement”. Because of these reserves, the city is known as “The Gas City”.In 2021, Medicine Hat became the first city in Canada to achieve “functional zero” chronic homelessness, defined as three consecutive months where three or fewer individuals experienced chronic homelessness. They were able to achieve this due to their adoption of a Housing First policy to combat homelessness beginning in 2009.


1 Avenue North-east
1 Avenue North-west
1 Avenue South-east
1 Avenue South-west
1 Street North-east
1 Street North-west
1 Street South-east
1 Street South-west
10 Avenue North-east
10 Avenue North-west
10 Avenue South-west
10 Street North-east
10 Street South-east
10 Street South-west
11 Avenue North-east
11 Avenue North-west
11 Avenue South-west
11 Street North-east
11 Street South-east
11 Street South-west
12 Avenue North-west
12 Avenue South-east
12 Avenue South-west
12 Street North-east
12 Street North-west
12 Street South-east
12 Street South-west
13 Avenue South-east
13 Street North-east
13 Street South-east
13 Street South-west
14 Avenue South-east
14 Street North-east
14 Street North-west
14 Street South-west
15 Avenue South-east
15 Avenue South-west
15 Street North-east
15 Street South-west
16 Avenue South-east
16 Street North-east
16 Street South-east
16 Street South-west
16a Street North-east
17 Avenue South-east
17 Avenue South-west
17 Street North-east
17 Street South-east
17 Street South-west
18 Avenue South-east
18 Avenue South-west
18 Street North-east
18 Street South-west
19 Avenue South-east
19 Street North-east
19 Street South-east
19 Street South-west
19a Street North-east
1a Avenue North-east
1a Avenue North-west
2 Avenue North-east
2 Avenue North-west
2 Avenue South-east
2 Avenue South-west
2 Street North-east
2 Street North-west
2 Street South-east
2 Street South-west
20 Avenue South-east
20 Street North-east
20 Street South-east
21 Avenue South-east
21 Street North-east
21 Street South-east
22 Avenue South-east
22 Street North-east
22 Street South-east
23 Street North-west
23 Street South-east
23 Street South-west
24 Street South-east
25 Street South-east
25 Street South-west
26 Street South-east
27 Street South-east
27 Street South-west
28 Street South-east
29 Street South-east
3 Avenue Close North-east
3 Avenue North-east
3 Avenue North-west
3 Avenue South-east
3 Avenue South-west
3 Street North-east
3 Street North-west
3 Street South-east
3 Street South-west
30 Street South-east
30 Street South-west
31 Street South-east
32 Street South-west
39 Street North-east
3a Avenue North-east
4 Avenue North-east
4 Avenue North-west
4 Avenue South-east
4 Avenue South-west
4 Street North-east
4 Street North-west
4 Street South-east
4 Street South-west
46 Street South-west
5 Avenue North-east
5 Avenue North-west
5 Avenue South-east
5 Avenue South-west
5 Street North-east
5 Street North-west
5 Street South-east
5 Street South-west
52 Street North-west
54 Street South-east
5a Avenue North-east
6 Avenue North-east
6 Avenue North-west
6 Avenue South-east
6 Avenue South-west
6 Street North-east
6 Street South-east
6 Street South-west
68 Street North-west
6a Avenue South-west
7 Avenue North-east
7 Avenue North-west
7 Avenue South-west
7 Street North-east
7 Street North-west
7 Street South-east
7 Street South-west
8 Avenue North-east
8 Avenue South-east
8 Avenue South-west
8 Street North-east
8 Street North-west
8 Street South-east
8 Street South-west
9 Avenue North-east
9 Avenue South-west
9 Street North-east
9 Street South-east
9 Street South-west
Aberdeen Street South-east
Alexandra Street South-east
Allowance Avenue South-east
Altawana Avenue North-east
Altawana Drive North-east
Amos Place South-east
Anson Avenue South-west
Ash Avenue South-east
Balmoral Street South-east
Bannon Avenue South-west
Bassett Crescent North-west
Beaufort Crescent South-west
Begonia Court South-east
Belanca Crescent South-west
Belfast Street South-east
Bell Street South-west
Bennett Court North-west
Binder Crescent North-west
Birch Avenue South-east
Black Boulevard North-west
Bluebell Court South-east
Bomford Crescent South-west
Box Springs Road North-west
Braemar Street South-east
Bray Crescent South-west
Brentwood Lane South-west
Brick Avenue South-east
Bridge Street South-east
Brier Estates Crescent North-west
Brier Estates Way North-west
Brier Park Bay North-west
Brier Park Crescent North-west
Brier Park Drive North-west
Brier Park Place North-west
Brier Park Road North-west
Brier Park Way North-west
Bullivant Crescent South-west
Burns Crescent North-west
Burton Place South-east
Buttercup Court South-east
Cactus Coulee Place South-west
Cactus Street South-west
Cairney Crescent South-east
Cairns Way South-east
Calder Bay South-east
Calder Circle South-east
Calder Court South-east
Calder Crescent South-east
Calder Green South-east
Calder Place South-east
Calder Road South-east
Camas Court South-east
Cambridge Street South-east
Cameron Place South-east
Cameron Road South-east
Cameron Way South-east
Camp Drive South-west
Campbell Crescent South-east
Carr Crescent South-east
Carry Court South-east
Carry Crescent South-east
Carry Drive South-east
Carry Place South-east
Carswell Road South-east
Carter Crescent South-east
Castelani Crescent South-east
Cavan Place South-east
Chartwell Place South-east
Chartwell Row South-east
Chinook Court South-west
Chinook Drive South-west
Chinook Place South-west
Chow Avenue South-east
Church Court South-east
Clark Crescent South-east
Clay Avenue South-east
Clelland Crescent South-east
Clematis Court South-east
Clennel Crescent South-east
Clover Court South-east
Cobb Road South-east
Coburg Avenue South-east
Cochran Drive North-west
Cockrill Court South-east
Cocks Way South-east
College Avenue South-east
College Drive South-east
Collier Court South-east
Collier Road South-east
Collins Crescent South-east
Colter Crescent North-west
Connaught Drive South-west
Cook Court South-east
Cook Road South-east
Cooney Road South-east
Cooper Road South-east
Corbitt Way South-east
Cornell Crescent South-west
Cottonwood Bay South-west
Cottonwood Close South-west
Cottonwood Court South-west
Cottonwood Place South-west
Cottonwood Road South-west
Cottonwood Street South-west
Cottonwood Way South-west
Cousins Court South-east
Cowan Crescent South-east
Craig Road South-east
Crane Road South-east
Craven Place South-east
Crestwood Drive South-east
Crockett Way South-east
Crockford Crescent North-west
Crocus Street South-west
Cunliffe Crescent South-east
Currie Court South-east
Cuyler Road South-east
Cypress Way South-east
Day Street South-east
De Havilland Boulevard South-west
Division Avenue North
Division Avenue North-west
Division Avenue South
Dominion Street South-east
Dotty Avenue South-east
Douglas Court North-west
Dundee Street South-east
Dunmore Road South-east
Eagle Birth Road South-west
Eagle View Court South-west
Eagle View Place South-west
East Glen Avenue South-east
East Glen Court South-east
East Glen Crescent South-east
East Glen Drive South-east
East Glen Place South-east
East Glen Street South-east
Echo Dale Road South-west
Elder Avenue South-east
Elliott Street South-east
Elm Street South-east
Ewart Crescent South-east
Factory Street South-east
Fairchild Street South-west
Fehr Road South-west
Finlay Court South-west
Fleet Street South-west
Foundry Street South-east
Garden Place North-west
Gardner Place South-east
Gehring Road South-west
Gershaw Drive South-west
Goldenrod Court South-east
Gray Crescent North-west
Greenwood Court South-west
Halifax Way South-west
Hamilton Court North-east
Hamptons Close South-east
Hamptons Way South-east
Hargrave Way North-west
Harris Street South-west
Hatcher Court North-east
Hatcher Drive North-east
Hawke Crescent North-east
Hawthorne Avenue North-east
Hays Court North-west
Hayward Close North-east
Hayward Court North-east
Hearne Court North-east
Heckbert Court North-east
Hemingway Crescent North-east
Henderson Court North-east
Herald Drive North-west
Heritage Avenue North-east
Heritage Court North-east
Heritage Place North-east
Hewitt Court North-east
Higdon Avenue South-east
Hill Road South-east
Hilton Crescent North-east
Hobbs Way North-east
Holsom Road South-west
Holt Crescent North-east
Horne Boulevard North-east
Horner Court North-east
Huckvale Crescent South-west
Hudson Crescent North-east
Hudson Way North-east
Hughes Crescent North-east
Hull Crescent North-east
Hull Way North-east
Hunt Crescent North-east
Hunter Court North-east
Huntley Court North-east
Hutchings Court North-east
Hutchinson Avenue South-east
Huxley Green North-east
Industrial Avenue South-east
Ireland Court North-west
Iris Court South-east
Iron Avenue South-east
Jackson Place South-east
Kensington Avenue South-west
Kin Coulee North Road South-east
Kin Coulee North Road South-west
Kin Coulee Road South-east
Kin Coulee Road South-west
Kingsway Avenue South-east
Kipling Street South-east
Lamb Court South-east
Lang Crescent South-west
Larkspur Court South-east
Lily Court South-east
Link Court South-west
Lokier Avenue North-west
London Avenue South-east
Lupine Court South-east
Macleod Trail South-east
Maple Avenue South-east
Markwick Drive South-east
Marshall Avenue South-east
Martin Avenue North-west
Mccaig Crescent South-east
Mccutcheon Drive North-west
Mccutcheon Place North-west
Mcintosh Avenue North-west
Mckenzie Crescent North-west
Mcneely Court South-east
Medalta Avenue South-east
Mill Street South-east
Milne Place South-east
Minto Avenue South-east
Mitchell Crescent North-west
Morris Court South-east
Morrow Court North-west
Muir Crescent North-west
Murray Place North-east
Noble Court South-west
North Kin Coulee Road South-east
North Railway Street South-east
Northlands Crescent North-east
Northlands Lane North-east
Northlands Pointe North-east
Northlands Way North-east
Old Cemetery Road South-east
Oliver Avenue South-east
Oxford Avenue South-west
Pacific Street North-east
Palisades Lane North-east
Palisades Mews North-east
Palisades Way North-east
Palliser Place North-east
Palliser Way North-east
Parish Way North-east
Park Crescent North-west
Park Meadows Court South-east
Park Meadows Drive South-east
Park Meadows Lane South-east
Park Meadows Place South-east
Parker Avenue North-west
Parkview Close North-east
Parkview Drive North-east
Partridge Street North-east
Patrol Avenue North-east
Penland Way North-east
Perry Crescent North-east
Pigeon Street North-east
Pine Court North-east
Pingle Street South-east
Pioneer Crescent North-east
Police Point Drive North-east
Poplar Court North-east
Porcelain Avenue South-east
Porcupine Avenue North-east
Porter Place South-east
Porters Hill South-east
Pottery Street South-east
Power House Road South-west
Prairie Court North-east
Prairie Drive North-east
Preston Avenue North-east
Primrose Drive South-east
Prince Street South-east
Princess Avenue South-east
Pronghorn Street North-east
Prospect Drive South-west
Queen Street South-east
Radisson Court South-east
Radisson Place South-east
Rae Court South-east
Rae Crescent South-east
Rae Place South-east
Rae Street South-east
Ranchero Place North-east
Ranchlands Avenue North-east
Ranchlands Boulevard North-east
Ranchlands Lane North-east
Ranchlands Road North-east
Ranchlands Way North-east
Ranchman Bay North-east
Ranchman Court North-east
Ranchman Crescent North-east
Ranchman Place North-east
Ranchview Bay North-east
Ranchview Court North-east
Ranchview Crescent North-east
Ranchview Place North-east
Ranchview Road North-east
Ranchview Way North-east
Randal Court North-west
Range Road 62 South-west
Range Road 63 North-west
Ravine Drive South-east
Red Deer Drive South-west
Red Oak Boulevard South-east
Red Oak Court South-east
Red Oak Place South-east
Redcliff Drive South-west
Redwood Bay South-east
Redwood Court South-east
Redwood Crescent South-east
Redwood Green South-east
Redwood Place South-east
Redwood Street South-east
Redwood Way South-east
Rice Avenue South-east
Rice Bay South-east
Rice Court South-east
Rice Drive South-east
Rice Green South-east
Rice Place South-east
Rideau Close South-east
Rideau Court South-east
Rideau Crescent South-east
Rideau Green South-east
Rideau Place South-east
Riley Court North-west
River Ridge Close North-west
River Ridge Court North-west
River Ridge Drive North-west
River Ridge Link North-west
River Road South-east
Robertson Way South-west
Robinson Crescent South-east
Robinson Drive South-east
Robinson Place South-east
Robinson Road South-east
Ronan Place South-east
Rose Street South-west
Ross Glen Court South-east
Ross Glen Crescent South-east
Ross Glen Drive South-east
Ross Glen Green South-east
Ross Glen Place South-east
Ross Glen Road South-east
Ross Glen Way South-east
Ross Haven Avenue South-east
Ross Haven Court South-east
Ross Haven Crescent South-east
Ross Haven Place South-east
Ross Haven Way South-east
Ross Heights Court South-east
Ross Heights Green South-east
Ross Heights Place South-east
Ross Street South-east
Ross View Bay South-east
Ross View Close South-east
Ross View Court South-east
Ross View Place South-east
Rossdale Avenue South-east
Rossdale Court South-east
Rossdale Crescent South-east
Rossdale Drive South-east
Rossdale Road South-east
Rossdale Street South-east
Rossdale Way South-east
Rossland Avenue South-east
Rossland Bay South-east
Rossland Boulevard South-east
Rossland Close South-east
Rossland Court South-east
Rossland Crescent South-east
Rossland Drive South-east
Rossland Green South-east
Rossland Place South-east
Rossland Road South-east
Rossland Street South-east
Rossland Way South-east
Rossmere Avenue South-east
Rossmere Bay South-east
Rossmere Close South-east
Rossmere Court South-east
Rossmere Crescent South-east
Rossmere Green South-east
Rossmere Place South-east
Rossmere Way South-east
Rundle Avenue South-east
Rundle Crescent South-east
Rundle Road South-east
Rundle Way South-east
Rutherford Street North-west
Saamis Close South-west
Saamis Drive North-west
Saamis Meadows Lane South-west
Saamis Rotary Way South-west
Sage Close South-east
Sage Gate South-east
Sage Place South-east
Sage Road South-east
Sanderson Avenue North-west
Sandford Crescent South-east
Sandstone Place South-east
Saunders Crescent South-east
Schneider Crescent South-east
Schuler Place South-east
Scott Bay South-east
Scott Court South-east
Scott Crescent South-east
Scott Green South-east
Semrau Drive North-west
Seven Persons Crescent South-west
Seven Persons Drive South-west
Shale Street South-east
Shannon Crescent South-east
Shannon Drive South-east
Sharpe Crescent South-east
Shaw Crescent South-east
Shepherd Crescent South-east
Shields Crescent South-east
Sierra Avenue South-west
Sierra Bay South-west
Sierra Boulevard South-west
Sierra Close South-west
Sierra Drive South-west
Sierra Lane South-west
Sierra Place South-west
Sierra Road South-west
Silcher Street South-east
Sillak Crescent South-east
Simmons Court South-east
Simpson Crescent South-east
Sissons Crescent South-east
Slack Street South-east
Smeaton Avenue South-east
Smelter Avenue South-east
Smith Close South-east
Smithson Street South-east
Smythe Avenue North-west
Somerset Bay South-east
Somerset Court South-east
Somerset Cove South-east
Somerset Crescent South-east
Somerset Gardens South-east
Somerset Lane South-east
Somerset Link South-east
Somerset Mews South-east
Somerset Place South-east
Somerset Point South-east
Somerset Road South-east
Somerset Row South-east
Somerset Street South-east
Somerset Way South-east
Somerside Close South-east
Somerside Gate South-east
Somerside Place South-east
Somerside Road South-east
Somerside Way South-east
Souch Bay South-east
South Boundary Road South-east
South Boundary Road South-west
South Kin Coulee Road South-east
South Railway Street South-east
South Ridge Crescent South-west
South Ridge Drive South-east
South West Drive South-west
Southdale Court South-east
Southlands Boulevard South-east
Southlands Drive South-east
Southview Court South-east
Southview Drive South-east
Southview Place South-east
Spencer Street South-east
Sprague Way South-east
Spruce Close South-east
Spruce Meadows Court South-east
Spruce Way South-east
Stafford Street South-east
Stanfield Court South-east
Stanfield Place South-east
Stanfield Way South-east
Stapeford Crescent South-east
Stark Avenue South-east
Stark Bay South-east
Stark Court South-east
Stark Mews South-east
Stark Way South-east
Steel Street South-east
Stein Close South-east
Stevenson Street South-east
Stewart Drive North-west
Stock Street South-east
Stone Crescent South-east
Stonegate Crescent South-east
Storrs Crescent South-east
Storrs Place South-east
Strachan Bay South-east
Strachan Court South-east
Strachan Road South-east
Stratton Bay South-east
Stratton Close South-east
Stratton Link South-east
Stratton Mews South-east
Stratton Place South-east
Stratton Road South-east
Stratton Way South-east
Strong Avenue South-east
Sundance Bay South-west
Sundance Close South-west
Sundance Court South-west
Sundance Mews South-west
Sundance Road South-west
Sundown Bay South-west
Sundown Close South-west
Sundown Court South-west
Sundown Road South-west
Sunflower Court South-east
Sunrise Bay South-west
Sunrise Circle South-west
Sunrise Court South-west
Sunrise Gate South-west
Sunrise Road South-west
Sunrise Street South-west
Sunrise Way South-west
Sunset Avenue South-west
Sunset Crescent South-west
Sunset Drive South-west
Sunset Road South-west
Sunwood Court South-west
Sunwood Crescent South-west
Sunwood Place South-west
Swan Way South-east
Taylor Avenue South-east
Taylor Bay South-east
Taylor Boulevard South-east
Taylor Circle South-east
Taylor Close South-east
Taylor Court South-east
Taylor Crescent South-east
Taylor Mews South-east
Taylor Place South-east
Taylor Road South-east
Terrace Avenue North-east
Terrace Bay North-east
Terrace Circle North-east
Terrace Close North-east
Terrace Court North-east
Terrace Crescent North-east
Terrace Drive North-east
Terrace Green North-east
Terrace Place North-east
Terrace Ridge North-east
Terrace Road North-east
Terrace Street North-east
Terrace View North-east
Terrace Way North-east
Terrill Road North-west
Thompson Crescent South-east
Tractor Avenue South-east
Trans Canada Highway North-west
Trans Canada Highway South
Trans Canada Highway South-east
Trans Canada Highway South-west
Trans Canada Way South-east
Turner Avenue South-east
Turner Bay South-east
Turner Boulevard South-east
Turner Circle South-east
Turner Close South-east
Turner Court South-east
Turner Crescent South-east
Turner Drive South-east
Turner Green South-east
Turner Place South-east
Tweed Avenue North-west
Upland Court South-east
Upland Drive South-east
Valleyview Avenue South-west
Valleyview Drive South-west
Vintage Meadows Court South-east
Vintage Meadows Place South-east
Violet Court South-east
Viscount Avenue South-west
Vista Avenue South-east
Vista Close South-east
Vista Court South-east
Vista Drive South-east
Vista Place South-east
Vista Road South-east
Walters Way North-west
Washington Avenue South-east
Washington Way South-east
Wood Street South-east
Woodman Avenue South-east
Woolley Place South-east
Yuill Street South-east