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Lethbridge ( LETH-brij) is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada. With a population of 101,482 in its 2019 municipal census, Lethbridge became the fourth Alberta city to surpass 100,000 people. The nearby Canadian Rocky Mountains contribute to the city’s warm summers, mild winters, and windy climate. Lethbridge lies southeast of Calgary on the Oldman River.

Lethbridge is the commercial, financial, transportation and industrial centre of southern Alberta. The city’s economy developed from drift mining for coal in the late 19th century and agriculture in the early 20th century. Half of the workforce is employed in the health, education, retail and hospitality sectors, and the top five employers are government-based. The only university in Alberta south of Calgary is in Lethbridge, and two of the three colleges in southern Alberta have campuses in the city. Cultural venues in the city include performing art theatres, museums and sports centres.


1 Avenue North
1 Avenue South
1 Street South
10 Avenue North
10 Avenue South
10 Street North
10 Street South
10 Street West
10a Avenue North
10a Avenue South
11 Avenue North
11 Avenue South
11 Street North
11 Street South
11a Avenue North
11a Avenue South
12 Avenue North
12 Avenue South
12 Street North
12 Street South
12a Street North
12a Street South
12b Street North
12b Street South
12c Street North
13 Avenue North
13 Avenue South
13 Street North
13 Street South
13a Avenue North
14 Avenue North
14 Avenue South
14 Street North
14 Street South
14a Street North
15 Avenue North
15 Avenue South
15 Street North
15 Street South
15a Street North
16 Avenue North
16 Avenue South
16 Street North
16 Street South
17 Avenue South
17 Street North
17 Street South
17a Street South
18 Avenue North
18 Avenue South
18 Street North
18 Street South
18a Street North
19 Avenue North
19 Avenue South
19 Street North
19 Street South
1a Avenue North
2 Avenue North
2 Avenue South
2 Avenue West
20 Avenue North
20 Avenue South
20 Street North
20 Street South
20a Avenue South
21 Avenue North
21 Avenue South
21 Street North
21 Street South
21a Street North
22 Avenue South
22 Street North
22 Street South
22a Avenue South
23 Avenue North
23 Avenue South
23 Street North
23 Street South
24 Avenue North
24 Avenue South
24 Avenue West
24 Street North
24 Street South
25 Avenue North
25 Street North
25 Street South
25 Street West
26 Avenue North
26 Avenue South
26 Street North
26 Street South
26a Street North
26a Street South
27 Avenue South
27 Street North
27 Street South
27a Street North
28 Avenue South
28 Street North
28 Street South
28a Street South
28b Street South
29 Avenue South
29 Street North
29 Street South
29a Street South
2a Avenue North
2b Avenue North
3 Avenue North
3 Avenue South
3 Street South
30 Avenue North
30 Avenue South
30 Street North
30 Street South
30 Street West
31 Avenue South
31 Street North
31 Street South
31a Street South
32 Avenue North
32 Avenue South
32 Street North
32 Street South
32a Avenue South
33 Avenue South
33 Street North
33 Street South
33a Avenue South
34 Avenue South
34 Street North
34 Street South
35 Avenue South
35 Street South
36 Street North
36 Street South
37 Street South
39 Street North
3a Avenue North
3a Avenue South
4 Avenue North
4 Avenue South
4 Street South
40 Avenue North
40 Avenue South
40 Avenue West
40 Street South
41 Avenue North
41 Street North
41 Street South
42 Avenue North
42 Street South
43 Avenue North
43 Street North
43 Street South
44 Avenue North
48 Avenue South
5 Avenue North
5 Avenue South
5 Street North
5 Street South
512 Highway
5a Avenue North
5a Avenue South
6 Avenue North
6 Avenue South
6 Street North
6 Street South
60 Avenue South
60 Avenue West
6a Avenue North
6a Avenue South
7 Avenue North
7 Avenue South
7 Street North
7 Street South
7a Avenue North
7a Avenue South
7a Street South
8 Avenue North
8 Avenue South
8 Street North
8 Street South
8a Avenue North
8a Avenue South
9 Avenue North
9 Avenue South
9 Street North
9 Street South
9a Avenue South
9b Avenue South
Aberdeen Bay West
Aberdeen Crescent West
Aberdeen Gate West
Aberdeen Link West
Aberdeen Place West
Aberdeen Road West
Acadia Road West
Algonquin Bay West
Algonquin Place West
Algonquin Road West
Angus Road West
Aperture Park West
Aquitania Boulevard West
Argyll Road West
Ash Grove Road South
Aspen Place South
Assiniboia Place West
Assiniboia Road West
Assiniboia Way West
Astra Street South
Athabasca Road West
Athabasca Way West
Beauvais Place South
Beaverbrook Bay North
Beaverbrook Road North
Beaverpond Court North
Beaverrun Place North
Beech Road South
Berkeley Place West
Birch Place South
Blackfoot Boulevard West
Blackfoot Circle West
Blackfoot Court West
Blackfoot Crescent West
Blackfoot Manor West
Blackfoot Road West
Blackfoot Terrace West
Bluefox Bay North
Bluefox Boulevard North
Bluefox Place North
Bluefox Road North
Botteril Bottom Road South
Bridge Drive West
Bridge Road
Bridge Road West
Britannia Boulevard West
Brock Place West
Caledonia Boulevard West
Cambridge Road West
Cameron Place South
Cameron Road South
Canyon Boulevard West
Canyon Close West
Canyon Court West
Canyon Cove West
Canyon Gardens West
Canyon Green West
Canyon Terrace West
Canyoncrest Court West
Canyoncrest Point West
Canyoncrest Way West
Canyonview Close West
Canyonview Landing West
Canyonview Place West
Carleton Place West
Carleton Road West
Cassino Street South
Castle Mountain Road West
Cayuga Crescent West
Cayuga Place West
Cedar Place South
Cedar Road South
Chilcotin Crescent West
Chilcotin Lane West
Chilcotin Road West
Chilcotin Way West
Chinook Heights South
Chippewa Crescent West
Coachwood Point West
Coachwood Road West
Coalbanks Boulevard West
Coalbanks Gate West
Coalbanks Link West
College Drive South
Columbia Bay West
Columbia Boulevard West
Columbia Place West
Concordia Place West
Coral Place South
Corvette Crescent South
Cougar Bay North
Cougar Cove North
Cougar Crescent North
Cougar Place North
Cougar Road North
Cougar Way North
Couleecreek Boulevard South
Couleecreek Court South
Couleecreek Lane South
Couleecreek Manor South
Couleecreek Place South
Couleesprings Crescent South
Couleesprings Grove South
Couleesprings Place South
Couleesprings Road North
Couleesprings Road South
Couleesprings Terrace South
Couleesprings Way South
Country Club Road South
Cowichan Court West
Crowsnest Trail
Dakota Road West
Dalhousie Court West
Dalhousie Road West
Dieppe Boulevard South
Dorothy Gentleman Crescent North
Dunkirk Street South
Eagle Place North
Eagle Road North
Edgewood Boulevard West
Edgewood Crescent West
Edgewood Place West
Edinburgh Gate West
Edinburgh Road West
Edinburgh Way West
Edith Emma Coe Road North
Elliot Road South
Elm Crescent South
Elm Place South
Elm Road South
Erminebend Place North
Erminedale Bay North
Erminedale Boulevard North
Erminedale Place North
Ermineglen Bay North
Ermineglen Cove North
Ermineglen Place North
Ermineglen Road North
Erminerun Place North
Ermineview Bay North
Ermineview Place North
Ermineview Road North
Ermineview Way North
Eton Road West
Fairmont Bay South
Fairmont Boulevard South
Fairmont Court South
Fairmont Cove South
Fairmont Crescent South
Fairmont Garden Road South
Fairmont Gate South
Fairmont Link South
Fairmont Park Landing South
Fairmont Park Lane South
Fairmont Place South
Fairmont Point South
Fairmont Road South
Fairmont Terrace South
Fairway Plaza Road South
Fairway Road South
Fairway Street South
Falaise Street South
Fern Crescent South
Firelight Point West
Firelight Way West
Florence Holeong Crescent North
Forestry Avenue South
Foxbend Crescent North
Gary Drive West
Gateway Crescent South
Gateway Manor South
Gateway Mews South
Giffen Road North
Glacier Avenue South
Glacier Drive South
Grace Danty Road North
Grand River Boulevard West
Great Lakes Place South
Great Lakes Road South
Greenview Close North
Grizzly Bay North
Grizzly Crescent North
Grizzly Road North
Grizzly Terrace North
Haru Moriyama Place North
Haru Moriyama Road North
Harvard Crescent West
Hawthorne Place North
Hawthorne Road North
Heather Place North
Heather Road North
Henderson Lake Boulevard South
Heritage Boulevard West
Heritage Circle West
Heritage Close West
Heritage Court West
Heritage Crescent West
Heritage Green West
Heritage Lane West
Heritage Place West
Heritage Point West
Heritage Road West
Highlands Boulevard West
Highlands Place West
Highlands Road West
Honeysuckle Road North
Huron Place South
Iroquois Crescent West
Jerry Potts Boulevard West
Jessie Robinson Close North
Jessie Ursenbach Way North
Keho Place South
Keystone Lane West
Keystone Terrace West
King’s Bay South
Kings Bay South
Kings Crescent South
Kings Gate South
Kings Mews South
Kings Place South
Kings Road South
Kodiac Gate North
Kodiak Bay North
Kodiak Boulevard North
Kodiak Crescent North
Kodiak Place North
Kootenay Place West
Lafayette Boulevard West
Lafayette Crescent West
Lafayette Place West
Lakehill Crescent South
Lakeland Crescent South
Lakemount Boulevard South
Lakemount Place South
Lakepoint Road South
Lakeridge Boulevard South
Lakeshore Road South
Lakeside Road South
Lakeview Drive South
Lakeway Boulevard South
Lakewood Road South
Lakhota Crescent West
Lakhota Road West
Larkspur Road North
Laurentian Place West
Laval Boulevard West
Laval Court West
Laval Place West
Laval Road West
Leaside Avenue South
Lemoyne Crescent West
Lettice Perry Place North
Lettice Perry Road North
Loyola Place West
Lynx Bay North
Lynx Cove North
Lynx Crescent North
Lynx Landing North
Lynx Place North
Lynx Road North
Macleod Drive West
Margaret Sutherland Crescent North
Marie Van Harlem Crescent North
Marmot Road North
Mary Cameron Crescent North
Mayor Magrath Drive North
Mayor Magrath Drive South
Mcgill Boulevard West
Mckillop Place North
Mcmaster Boulevard West
Meadowlark Boulevard North
Meadowlark Place North
Michigan Place South
Micmac Boulevard West
Micmac Court West
Micmac Place West
Mildred Dobbs Boulevard North
Modesto Road West
Mohawk Road West
Mount Royal Place West
Mt Alderson Crescent West
Mt Sunburst Crescent West
Mt Sunburst Place West
Mt Sunburst Way West
Mt Sundance Crescent West
Mt Sundance Lane West
Mt Sundance Manor West
Mt Sundance Road West
Mt Sundial Court West
Mt. Alderson Crescent West
Mt. Alderson Place West
Mt. Backus Crescent West
Mt. Backus Place West
Mt. Blakiston Bay West
Mt. Blakiston Place West
Mt. Blakiston Road West
Mt. Brazeau Road West
Mt. Burke Boulevard West
Mt. Crandell Bay West
Mt. Crandell Crescent West
Mt. Rundle Bay West
Mt. Rundle Boulevard West
Mt. Rundle Place West
Mt. Rundle Road West
Mt. Rundle Way West
Municipal Road
Nebraska Road West
Nevada Place West
Nevada Road West
Nipigon Road South
Niska Place West
Normandy Road South
Northland Village
Notre Dame Place West
Notre Dame Road West
Oak Drive South
Ojibwa Place West
Ojibwa Road West
Oriole Road North
Ortona Street South
Oxford Place West
Oxford Road West
Palm Road South
Park Meadows Boulevard North
Park Way
Parkside Drive South
Pebble Place South
Pegan Court West
Peigan Court West
Pensacola Court West
Pheasant Road North
Pine Crescent South
Primrose Place North
Princeton Crescent West
Princeton Road West
Purdue Court West
Quail Place North
Queen’s Road West
Red Crow Boulevard West
Redwood Road South
Ridgewood Boulevard West
Ridgewood Crescent West
Riverbrook Close West
Rivercrest Court West
Riverdale Terrace West
Rivergreen Road West
Riverine Lane West
Riverland Close West
Rivermill Landing West
Rivermill Manor West
Rivermont Crescent West
Riverpark Boulevard West
Riverside Bay West
Riverstone Boulevard West
Riverton Crescent West
Riverview Crescent West
Riverwood Manor West
Robin Road North
Rocky Mountain Boulevard West
Rutgers Crescent West
Rutgers Road West
Ryerson Bay West
Ryerson Place West
Ryerson Road West
Salish Bay West
Salish Place West
Sandstone Lane South
Sandstone Place South
Sandstone Point South
Sandstone Road South
Sandstone Way South
Sarcee Place West
Sarcee Road West
Scenic Drive North
Scenic Drive South
Scenic Heights South
Scenic View Road South
Selkirk Road West
Seneca Place West
Sheridan Place West
Sheridan Road West
Sherwood Boulevard West
Sherwood Crescent West
Sherwood Place West
Silkstone Bay West
Silkstone Close West
Silkstone Cove West
Silkstone Crescent West
Silkstone Point West
Silkstone Road West
Simon Fraser Boulevard West
Sixmile Common South
Sixmile Lane South
Sixmile Ridge South
Sixmile Road South
South Parkside Drive South
Southgate Boulevard South
Southridge Boulevard South
Southridge Road South
Spruce Drive South
Squamish Bay West
Squamish Boulevard West
Squamish Court West
Squamish Crescent West
Squamish Lane West
St Anne Place North
St Arthur Road North
St Basil Road North
St Catherine Road North
St Charles Road North
St Edward Boulevard North
St James Bay North
St James Place North
St. Andrew Road North
St. Christopher Place North
St. David Road North
St. Francis Road North
St. George Road North
St. James Boulevard North
St. James Crescent North
Stafford Avenue North
Stafford Bay North
Stafford Boulevard North
Stafford Drive North
Stafford Drive South
Stafford Road North
Staffordville Crescent North
Stonecrest Point West
Stonecrest Terrace West
Stoney Crescent West
Stoney Place West
Sunridge Boulevard West
Sunridge Crescent West
Sylvan Road South
Tartan Boulevard West
Tartan Circle West
Tartan Link West
Temple Boulevard West
Temple Crescent West
Thyrza Burkitt Link North
Thyrza Burkitt Place North
Trent Road West
Trinity Place West
Tudor Bay South
Tudor Boulevard South
Tudor Court South
Tudor Crescent South
Tudor Place South
Twin River Link West
Twin River Road West
University Drive West
Uplands Boulevard North
Valley Road West
Ventura Crescent North
Ventura Place North
Ventura Road North
W T Hill Boulevard South
Walsh Drive West
Waterton Road South
Westside Drive West
Whoop Up Drive South
Whoop Up Drive West
Wildwood Crescent West
Wildwood Road West
York Place West