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Lacombe ( lə-KOHM) is a city in central Alberta, Canada. It is located approximately 25 kilometres (16 mi) north of Red Deer, the nearest major city, and 125 kilometres (78 mi) south of Edmonton, the nearest metropolitan area. The city is set in the rolling parkland of central Alberta, between the Rocky Mountains foothills to the west and the flatter Alberta prairie to the east.

Lacombe became Alberta’s 17th city on September 5, 2010.


12 Highway
2a Highway
34 Street
37 Street
43 Avenue
43 Avenue Close
44 Avenue
45 Avenue
45 Street
45a Street
46 Avenue
46 Street
47 Avenue
47 Street
48 Avenue
48 Street
49 Avenue
49 Street
49a Avenue
49b Avenue
49c Avenue
50 Avenue
50 Street
50a Avenue
51 Avenue
51 Street
52 Avenue
52 Street
53 Avenue
53 Street
54 Avenue
54 Street
55 Avenue
55 Street
56 Avenue
56 Street
56a Street
56a Street Close
57 Street
57a Street Close
58 Street
58a Street Crescent
59 Street
59 Street Crescent
60 Avenue Close
60 Street
60 Street Close
63 Avenue
63 Street
72 Avenue
76 Street
Aab Street
Beardsley Avenue
Blackstone Avenue
Brownstone Road
Bruns Bay
Bruns Crescent
Bruns Road
Burman Street
Calgary Edmonton Trail
Cameron Close
Carnation Road
Cedar Close
Cedar Crescent
Cobb Street
College Avenue
Country Lane
Country Ridge Close
Coventry Lane
Cranna Cove
Cranna Lakes Drive
Deer Street
Dickens Lane
Eagle Road
Ebony Street
Elana Crescent
Elisa Close
Elizabeth Lake Drive
Elizabeth Park Boulevard
Emerald Crescent
Emily Crescent
Erica Drive
Erin Street
Erma Street
Esta Close
Estella Crescent
Eva Crescent
Fairway Drive
Fern Close
Fieldstone Boulevard
Garden Road
Green Court
Hangingstone Drive
Hathaway Lane
Hearthstone Drive
Henner’s Gate
Henner’s Pointe
Henner’s Road
Heritage Drive
Heritage Way
Highway Street
Iron Wolf Boulevard
Iron Wolf Close
Iron Wolf Court
Iron Wolf Place
Iron Wolf Ridge
Jay Court
Johnson Avenue
Knightsbridge Road
Lakes Close
Langley Close
Lansbury Close
Len Thompson Drive
Lexington Close
Liberty Close
Lilac Close
Lincoln Close
Lincoln Park Boulevard
Livington Close
Mackenzie Avenue
Mackenzie Crescent
Mackenzie Ranch Way
Maple Bay
Maple Drive
Mckinlay Crescent
Northstar Drive
Onyx Avenue
Opal Close
Par Court
Parkland Acres
Petticoat Lane
Pickwick Lane
Regal Close
Regency Court
Regent Close
Riviera Drive
Royal Crescent
Sandstone Avenue
Spruce Close
Spruce Drive
Talbot Close
Talisman Close
Taylor Drive
Tee Road
Telford Crescent
Tennyson Close
Terrace Heights Drive
Tessa Place
Timmons Close
Valley Crescent
Westview Drive
Willow Crescent
Willow Place
Wolf Creek Drive
Woodland Drive