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Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is a city in northwest Alberta, Canada within the southern portion of an area known as Peace River Country. It is located at the intersection of Highway 43 (part of the CANAMEX Corridor) and Highway 40 (the Bighorn Highway), approximately 456 km (283 mi) northwest of Edmonton. The city is surrounded by the County of Grande Prairie No. 1.

Grande Prairie was the seventh-largest city in Alberta in 2016, with a population of 63,166, and was one of Canada’s fastest growing cities between 2001 and 2006, and Canada’s northernmost city with more than 50,000 people.

The city has adopted the trumpeter swan as its official symbol due to its proximity to the birds migration route and its summer nesting grounds. For that reason, Grande Prairie is sometimes nicknamed the “Swan City”. The dinosaur has also emerged as an unofficial symbol of the city due to paleontology discoveries in the areas north and west of Grande Prairie.


100 Avenue
100 Street
100a Street
101 Avenue
101 Street
101a Street
101b Street
102 Avenue
102 Street
102a Avenue
102a Street
102b Avenue
102b Street
103 Avenue
103 Street
103a Street
103b Street
104 Avenue
104 Street
104a Street
105 Avenue
105 Street
105a Avenue
105a Street
106 Avenue
106 Street
106a Street
107 Avenue
107 Street
107a Avenue
107a Street
108 Avenue
108 Street
108a Street
109 Avenue
109 Street
109a Street
110 Avenue
110 Street
110a Avenue
110a Street
111 Avenue
111 Street
111a Street
112 Avenue
112 Street
112a Avenue
112a Street
112b Street
113 Avenue
113 Street
113a Avenue
114 Avenue
114 Street
114a Avenue
114a Street
115 Avenue
115 Street
115a Street
115b Street
116 Avenue
116 Street
117 Avenue
117 Street
118 Avenue
118 Street
118a Avenue
118a Street
118b Avenue
119 Avenue
119 Street
119a Avenue
120 Avenue
120 Street
120a Avenue
121 Avenue
121 Street
122 Avenue
122 Street
123 Avenue
123 Street
124 Avenue
124 Street
124a Avenue
124b Avenue
125 Avenue
126 Avenue
127 Avenue
128 Avenue
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129 Avenue
130 Avenue
130a Avenue
131 Avenue
132 Avenue
133 Avenue
136 Avenue
139 Avenue
43 Highway
60 Avenue
60a Avenue
61 Avenue
62 Avenue
63 Avenue
64 Avenue
64a Avenue
65 Avenue
66 Avenue
66a Avenue
67 Avenue
670 Highway
68 Avenue
69 Avenue
69a Avenue
70 Avenue
70a Avenue
71 Avenue
71a Avenue
72 Avenue
72a Avenue
72b Avenue
73 Avenue
74 Avenue
75 Avenue
75a Avenue
76 Avenue
76a Avenue
77 Avenue
78 Avenue
79 Avenue
80 Avenue
81 Avenue
81a Avenue
82 Avenue
83 Avenue
83a Avenue
84 Avenue
85 Avenue
85 Street
85b Street
86 Avenue
86 Park Avenue
86 Street
86a Street
86b Street
87 Avenue
87 Park Avenue
87 Street
87a Street
87b Street
88 Avenue
88 Street
88a Street
88b Street
88c Street
89 Avenue
89 Street
89a Street
89b Street
90 Avenue
90 Street
90a Street
90b Street
91 Avenue
91 Street
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91a Street
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91b Street
92 Avenue
92 Street
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92c Street
93 Avenue
93 Street
93a Street
94 Avenue
94 Street
94a Avenue
94a Street
95 Avenue
95 Street
95a Street
95b Street
96 Avenue
96 Street
96a Street
96b Street
97 Avenue
97 Park Street
97 Street
97a Street
97b Street
98 Avenue
98 Street
98a Street
98b Street
98c Street
99 Avenue
99 Street
99a Street
99b Street
99c Street
Aberdeen Avenue
Airport Drive
Canfor Hauling Road
Cedarwood Park
Copperwood Road
Crystal Heights Lane
Crystal Lake Drive
Crystal Ridge Road
Cygnet Boulevard
Highland Square
Hillcrest Drive
Kateri Drive
Knowledge Way
Lake Shore Court
Lake Shore Drive
Lakeland Drive
Landing Drive
Michaelis Boulevard
Mission Heights Drive
Montrose Avenue
O’brien Lake Drive
Park Road
Patterson Drive
Pinnacle Avenue
Pinnacle Boulevard
Pinnacle Close
Pinnacle Cove
Pinnacle Crescent
Pinnacle Crossing
Pinnacle Drive
Pinnacle Grove
Pinnacle Heights
Pinnacle Key
Pinnacle Lake Drive
Pinnacle Lane
Pinnacle Point
Pinnacle Road
Pinnacle Street
Pinnacle Way
Poplar Drive
Prairie Road
Range Road 55
Range Road 61
Range Road 62
Range Road 63
Resources Road
Royal Oaks Drive
Service Road
T & E Trailer Park
Township Road 712
Township Road 715a
Township Road 720
West Side Drive
Westgate Drive
Westpointe Drive
Willow Drive