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Edmonton (pronounced ED-mən-tən), the radiant capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta, beckons with open arms. Nestled alongside the tranquil North Saskatchewan River, it serves as the bustling heart of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, cradled by the warm embrace of Alberta’s central region. This dynamic city finds itself at the northern terminus of the famed “Calgary–Edmonton Corridor,” a thriving expanse that spans between Edmonton and the vibrant city of Calgary, encompassing numerous charming municipalities along the way.

In the year 2021, Edmonton boasts a city population of 1,010,899 and a metropolitan population of 1,418,118, solidifying its status as the fifth-largest city and the sixth-largest metropolitan area (CMA) in all of Canada. Notably, it stands as the northernmost city and metropolitan area in North America to harbor a population of over one million, a testament to its magnetic pull.

Within this captivating city, its cherished residents are affectionately known as Edmontonians, forging a strong sense of community and shared identity. Edmonton’s history traces back to a tapestry of First Nations peoples, including those of Algonquian, Athabaskan, and Siouan origins. Their presence in the region dates to the close of the last glacial period, possibly as early as 12,000 BC. Furthermore, the city holds a special place in the hearts of the Métis, who once held narrow lots along the North Saskatchewan, providing access to invaluable resources.

The European influence in this thriving city can be traced back to Anthony Henday, who may have been the first European to explore this land in 1754, during his explorations for the Hudson’s Bay Company. By 1795, trading posts dotted the landscape around the present metropolitan area, later converging to the site now known as the city of Edmonton. The pivotal “Fort Edmonton” played a central role in regional trade following the 1821 merger of the HBC and the NWC.

Edmonton’s path to becoming the vibrant city we know today unfolded as it gradually evolved from sparse beginnings. The city witnessed transformation with the Canadian acquisition of Rupert’s Land in 1870, followed by the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1891. The official designation as a city in 1904 and as the capital of Alberta in 1906 marked significant milestones.

Edmonton’s growth story is one of inclusion, with the absorption of five neighboring urban municipalities and a series of annexations. This culminated in the annexation of 8,260 hectares of land from Leduc County and the City of Beaumont on January 1, 2019, strengthening its sense of unity and belonging.

Dubbed the “Gateway to the North,” Edmonton now stands as a pivotal hub for vast oil sands projects in northern Alberta and expansive diamond mining operations in the Northwest Territories. Beyond its economic prowess, Edmonton flourishes as a cultural haven, a center of governance, and a hub of education.

Its calendar is perennially adorned with a dazzling array of festivals, earning it the affectionate moniker, “Canada’s Festival City.” In addition to its rich cultural tapestry, Edmonton proudly houses the colossal West Edmonton Mall, Canada’s largest shopping haven (once the world’s largest from 1981 to 2004). Also, within its embrace lies Fort Edmonton Park, a sprawling living history museum that stands as a testament to the city’s enduring legacy.

What’s Edmonton famous for?
Edmonton is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene, including the West Edmonton Mall, the North Saskatchewan River Valley, its designation as the “Festival City,” and being the capital of Alberta.

Is it expensive to live in Edmonton?
Edmonton is generally considered more affordable to live in than some other major Canadian cities, with lower housing costs and a reasonable cost of living.

Is Edmonton a cold place to live?
Yes, Edmonton experiences cold winters, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. It’s known for its snowy winters, but the city also enjoys warm and pleasant summers.

What is Edmonton’s population in 2023?
981,280 (2017) as 2017. You can find the most recent population data for Edmonton by checking official sources or websites.

What city is bigger, Edmonton or Calgary?
Calgary had a larger population than Edmonton. However, population figures can change, so it’s advisable to check the most recent statistics.

Which city is richer, Edmonton or Calgary?
Calgary has often been considered the more economically prosperous city due to its strong ties to the energy industry. However, economic conditions can fluctuate, so it’s best to refer to current economic data for an accurate comparison.

Is it cheaper to live in Calgary or Edmonton?
The cost of living in both cities varies, but historically, Edmonton has been considered more affordable than Calgary. This can depend on various factors, including housing costs and personal lifestyle choices.

Why are houses cheap in Edmonton?
Edmonton’s relatively lower housing prices can be attributed to factors such as the availability of land, economic conditions, and the city’s effort to maintain affordable housing options for its residents.

Why are condos so cheap in Edmonton?
Condo prices in Edmonton may be influenced by factors such as the local real estate market, demand, and supply, as well as the overall cost of living in the city.

Is it worth buying property in Edmonton?
The decision to buy property in Edmonton depends on individual circumstances, including your financial situation and long-term goals. It’s advisable to consult with a local real estate expert to make an informed decision.

Why is rent so high in Edmonton?
Rental prices in Edmonton can vary, and factors affecting high rent may include demand, location, property type, and market conditions. High demand in specific areas can drive up rental costs.

Postal Codes: Streets:
T0T 0A0 10 Avenue North-west
T1N 4C5 10 Avenue South-west
T3V 1P3 10 Street North-west
T3W 1A6 100 Avenue North-west
T3W 1T9 100 Springfield Plaza North-west
T3Y 3Z5 100 Street North-west
T4K 1P5 100 Street South-west
T4W 5W6 100 Thorncliff Place North-west
T4Y 2H5 100a Avenue North-west
T5B 4H5 100a Street North-west
T5B 9Z9 100b Avenue North-west
T5M 0N4 101 Avenue North-west
T5M 1N3 101 Street North-west
T5M 3Z8 101 Street South-west
T5N 0W7 101a Avenue North-west
T5N 1P6 101a Street North-west
T5N 3L6 102 Avenue North-west
T5P 2B3 102 Street North-west
T5X 0J4 102a Avenue North-west
T5X 4M8 102a Street North-west
T5X 4Z8 103 Avenue North-west
T5Y 2P6 103 Street North-west
T5Y 3J5 103a Avenue North-west
T6A 0L1 103a Street North-west
T6B 0B2 103a Street South-west
T6B 0E9 103b Street North-west
T6C 0Y8 104 Avenue North-west
T6C 0Z9 104 Street North-west
T6C 1S6 104a Avenue North-west
T6C 2Z6 104a Street North-west
T6C 4E3 104b Street North-west
T6E 2A6 105 Avenue North-west
T6G 0K8 105 Street North-west
T6H 2H3 105a Avenue North-west
T6J 4H7 105a Street North-west
T6J 5H2 105b Avenue North-west
T6J 5R9 105b Street North-west
T6P 6Z6 106 Avenue North-west
T6S 1A5 106 Street North-west
T6S 1G3 106a Avenue North-west
T6V 0R9 106a Street North-west
T6V 1W8 106b Avenue North-west
T6W 0Z7 107 Avenue North-west
T6W 1A7 107 Street North-west
T6W 2L1 107 Street South-west
T6W 2L3 107a Avenue North-west
T6W 2R8 107a Street North-west
T6W 2Y6 107a Street South-west
T6W 3G9 107b Avenue North-west
T6W 3M6 108 Avenue North-west
T6W 3M8 108 Street North-west
T6W 3N7 108 Street South-west
T6W 3W9 108a Avenue North-west
T6W 9Z9 108a Street North-west
T6X 1R4 108b Street North-west
T6X 1S9 109 Avenue North-west
T6X 2B1 109 Street North-west
T6X 2B4 109 Street South-west
T6X 2E2 109a Avenue North-west
T6X 2G7 109a Street North-west
T6X 2H3 109b Avenue North-west
T6Y 4U2 109b Street North-west
T6Y 7U7 10a Avenue North-west
T6Y 7U8 11 Avenue North-west
T6Z 1K3 11 Avenue South-west
T7J 7E2 11 Street North-west
T7L 5H2 110 Avenue North-west
T7R 2W4 110 Street North-west
T8T 1N8 110a Avenue North-west
T9P 5V9 110a Street North-west
T9T 2J7 110b Avenue North-west
T9T 5U2 110b Street North-west
111 Avenue North-west
111 Street North-west
111 Street South-west
111a Avenue North-west
111a Street North-west
111a Street South-west
111b Street North-west
111c Street North-west
112 Avenue North-west
112 Avenue South North-west
112 Street North-west
112 Street South-west
112a Avenue North-west
112a Street North-west
112b Street North-west
112c Street North-west
113 Avenue North-west
113 Street North-west
113 Street South-west
113a Avenue North-west
113a Street North-west
113b Street North-west
114 Avenue North-west
114 Street North-west
114 Street South-west
114a Street North-west
114a Street South-west
114b Street North-west
114b Street South-west
115 Avenue North-west
115 Street North-west
115 Street South-west
115a Avenue North-west
115a Street North-west
116 Avenue North-west
116 Street North-west
116 Street South-west
116a Avenue North-west
116a Street North-west
116b Avenue North-west
117 Avenue North-west
117 Street North-west
117 Street South-west
117a Avenue North-west
117a Street North-west
117a Street South-west
117b Street North-west
118 Avenue North-west
118 Street North-west
118 Street South-west
118a Avenue North-east
118a Avenue North-west
118a Street North-west
118a Street South-west
118b Avenue North-west
119 Avenue North-east
119 Avenue North-west
119 Street North-west
119 Street South-west
119a Avenue North-west
119a Street North-west
119a Street South-west
119b Street North-west
11a Avenue North-west
11b Avenue North-west
12 Avenue North-west
12 Avenue South-west
12 Street North-west
120 Avenue North-east
120 Avenue North-west
120 Street North-west
120 Street South-west
120a Avenue North-west
120a Street North-west
120a Street South-west
121 Avenue North-east
121 Avenue North-west
121 Street North-west
121 Street South-west
121a Avenue North-west
121a Street North-west
122 Avenue North-west
122 Street North-west
122 Street South-west
122a Avenue North-west
122a Street North-west
122b Avenue North-west
123 Avenue North-west
123 Street North-west
123 Street South-west
123a Avenue North-west
123a Street North-west
124 Avenue North-west
124 Avenue South-west
124 Street North-west
124a Avenue North-west
124a Street North-west
124b Avenue North-west
125 Avenue North-west
125 Street North-west
125 Street South-west
125a Avenue North-west
126 Avenue North-west
126 Street North-west
126 Street South-west
126a Avenue North-west
127 Avenue North-east
127 Avenue North-west
127 Street North-west
127 Street South-west
127a Avenue North-west
127b Avenue North-west
128 Avenue North-west
128 Street North-west
128a Avenue North-west
128a Street North-west
129 Avenue North-west
129 Street North-west
129a Avenue North-west
129a Street North-west
129b Avenue North-west
12a Avenue North-west
13 Avenue North-west
13 Avenue South-west
13 Street North-west
130 Avenue North-west
130 Street North-west
130a Avenue North-west
130a Street North-west
131 Avenue North-west
131 Street North-west
131a Avenue North-west
131a Street North-west
131b Avenue North-west
132 Avenue North-west
132 Street North-west
132a Avenue North-west
132a Street North-west
133 Avenue North-west
133 Street North-west
133a Avenue North-west
133a Street North-west
134 Avenue North-west
134 Street North-west
134a Avenue North-west
134b Avenue North-west
135 Avenue North-west
135 Street North-west
135a Avenue North-west
135a Street North-west
135b Avenue North-west
135b Street North-west
136 Avenue North-west
136 Street North-west
136a Avenue North-west
136a Street North-west
137 Avenue North-east
137 Avenue North-west
137 Street North-west
137a Avenue North-west
137a Street North-west
138 Avenue North-west
138 Street North-west
138a Avenue North-west
138a Street North-west
138b Street North-west
139 Avenue North-west
139 Street North-west
13a Avenue North-west
13a Avenue South-west
14 Avenue North-west
14 Avenue South-west
14 Street North-west
140 Avenue North-west
140 Street North-west
140a Avenue North-west
141 Avenue North-west
141 Street North-west
141 Street South-west
141a Avenue North-west
141b Avenue North-west
141c Avenue North-west
142 Avenue North-west
142 Street North-west
142a Avenue North-west
142a Street North-west
143 Avenue North-west
143 Street North-west
143a Avenue North-west
143a Street North-west
144 Avenue North-west
144 Street North-west
144a Avenue North-west
144a Street North-west
144b Avenue North-west
145 Avenue North-west
145 Street North-west
145a Avenue North-west
145a Street North-west
146 Avenue North-west
146 Street North-west
146a Street North-west
147 Avenue North-west
147 Street North-west
147a Avenue North-west
147a Street North-west
148 Avenue North-west
148 Street North-west
148a Avenue North-west
149 Avenue North-west
149 Street North-west
149a Avenue North-west
149a Street North-west
14a Avenue North-west
14a Avenue South-west
15 Avenue North-west
15 Avenue South-west
15 Street North-west
150 Avenue North-west
150 Street North-west
151 Avenue North-west
151 Street North-west
151a Avenue North-west
152 Avenue North-west
152 Street North-west
152a Avenue North-west
152b Avenue North-west
152c Avenue North-west
153 Avenue North-east
153 Avenue North-west
153 Street North-west
153a Avenue North-west
153a Street North-west
154 Avenue North-west
154 Street North-west
154a Avenue North-west
154a Street North-west
155 Avenue North-west
155 Street North-west
155a Avenue North-west
156 Avenue North-west
156 Street North-west
156 Street South-west
156a Avenue North-west
157 Avenue North-west
157 Street North-west
157a Avenue North-west
157a Street North-west
158 Avenue North-west
158 Street North-west
158a Avenue North-west
159 Avenue North-west
159 Street North-west
159a Avenue North-west
159a Street North-west
159b Avenue North-west
15a Avenue North-west
15a Avenue South-west
15a Street North-west
15b Street North-west
16 Avenue North-west
16 Avenue South-west
16 Street North-west
160 Avenue North-west
160 Street North-west
160a Avenue North-west
160a Street North-west
161 Avenue North-east
161 Avenue North-west
161 Street North-west
161a Avenue North-west
161b Avenue North-west
162 Avenue North-east
162 Avenue North-west
162 Street North-west
162a Avenue North-west
162b Avenue North-west
163 Avenue North-east
163 Avenue North-west
163 Street North-west
163a Avenue North-west
164 Avenue North-west
164 Street North-west
164a Avenue North-west
164a Street North-west
165 Avenue North-west
165 Street North-west
165a Avenue North-west
166 Avenue North-west
166 Street North-west
166a Avenue North-west
166a Street North-west
167 Avenue North-east
167 Avenue North-west
167 Street North-west
167a Avenue North-west
167b Avenue North-west
168 Avenue North-west
168 Street North-west
168a Avenue North-west
169 Avenue North-west
169 Street North-west
169a Avenue North-west
169a Street North-west
169b Street North-west
16a Avenue North-west
16a Avenue South-west
17 Avenue North-west
17 Avenue South-west
17 Street North-east
17 Street North-west
17 Street South-west
170 Avenue North-west
170 Southbound Street North-west
170 Street North-west
170 Street South-west
170a Avenue North-west
171 Avenue North-west
171 Street North-west
171 Street South-west
171a Avenue North-west
172 Avenue North-west
172 Street North-west
172 Street South-west
172a Street North-west
173 Avenue North-west
173 Street North-west
173 Street South-west
173a Avenue North-west
173a Street North-west
173a Street South-west
173b Avenue North-west
173b Street South-west
174 Avenue North-west
174 Street North-west
174 Street South-west
174a Avenue North-west
175 Avenue North-west
175 Street North-west
175a Avenue North-west
176 Avenue North-west
176 Street North-west
176a Avenue North-west
176a Street North-west
176b Street North-west
177 Avenue North-west
177 Street North-west
177a Street North-west
178 Avenue North-west
178 Street North-west
178a Avenue North-west
178b Avenue North-west
179 Avenue North-west
179 Street North-west
179a Avenue North-west
179a Street North-west
17a Avenue North-west
17a Avenue South-west
17b Avenue North-west
18 Avenue North-west
18 Avenue South-west
18 Street North-west
180 Avenue North-west
180 Street North-west
180a Avenue North-west
180a Street North-west
181 Avenue North-west
181 Street North-west
181 Street South-west
181a Street North-west
182 Avenue North-west
182 Street North-west
182a Avenue North-west
182a Street North-west
183 Avenue North-west
183 Street North-west
183a Street North-west
183b Street North-west
184 Street North-west
184 Street South-west
184a Street North-west
185 Street North-west
186 Street North-west
186a Street North-west
187 Street North-west
187a Street North-west
187b Street North-west
188 Street North-west
188a Street North-west
188b Street North-west
189 Street North-west
189a Street North-west
18a Avenue North-west
18a Avenue South-west
19 Avenue North-west
19 Avenue South-west
19 Street North-west
190 Street North-west
190a Street North-west
190b Street North-west
191 Street North-west
195 Avenue North-east
195 Avenue North-west
197 Avenue North-east
199 Street North-west
199 Street South-west
19a Avenue North-west
19a Avenue South-west
19b Avenue North-west
1a Avenue South-west
1a Street North-east
2 Avenue North-west
2 Avenue South-west
2 Street North-east
20 Avenue North-west
20 Avenue South-west
20 Street North-west
200 Street North-west
200 Thorncliff Place North-west
201 Street North-west
201a Street North-west
202 Street North-west
203 Street North-west
204 Street North-west
205 Avenue North-east
205 Street North-west
205 Street South-west
206 Street North-west
206 Street South-west
206a Street North-west
207 Street North-west
207 Street South-west
207a Street North-west
207b Street North-west
208 Street North-west
208a Street North-west
209 Street North-west
209a Street North-west
20a Avenue North-west
21 Avenue North-west
21 Avenue South-west
21 Street North-east
21 Street North-west
210 Street North-west
211 Avenue North-east
211 Street North-west
211a Street North-west
212 Street North-west
212a Street North-west
213 Street North-west
213a Street North-west
214 Street North-west
216 Highway North-west
216 Street North-west
217 Street North-west
218 Street North-west
219 Street North-west
219a Street North-west
21a Avenue North-west
21a Avenue South-west
21a Street North-west
22 Avenue North-west
22 Avenue South-west
22 Street North-west
220 Street North-west
221 Street North-west
222 Street North-west
224 Street North-west
226 Street North-west
227 Avenue North-east
227 Avenue North-west
228 Street North-west
22a Avenue North-west
22a Street North-west
23 Avenue North-west
23 Street North-east
23 Street North-west
231 Street North-west
232 Avenue North-east
23a Avenue North-west
23b Avenue North-west
24 Avenue North-west
24 Street North-east
24 Street North-west
244 Avenue North-east
24a Avenue North-west
24a Street North-west
25 Avenue North-west
25 Avenue South-west
25 Street North-east
25 Street North-west
25a Avenue North-west
26 Avenue North-west
26 Avenue South-west
26 Street North-west
26a Avenue North-west
27 Avenue North-west
27 Street North-west
27a Avenue North-west
28 Avenue North-west
28 Avenue South-west
28 Highway
28 Street North-east
28 Street North-west
28a Avenue North-west
28a Street North-west
28b Avenue North-west
29 Avenue North-west
29 Street North-west
29a Avenue North-west
29a Street North-west
29b Avenue North-west
2a Avenue South-west
2a Street North-east
3 Avenue South-west
3 Street North-east
3 Street North-west
30 Avenue North-west
30 Avenue South-west
30 Street North-west
31 Avenue North-west
31 Street North-east
31 Street North-west
31a Avenue North-west
31a Street North-west
32 Avenue North-west
32 Street North-east
32 Street North-west
32a Avenue North-west
32a Street North-west
32b Street North-west
33 Avenue North-west
33 Street North-east
33 Street North-west
33a Avenue North-west
33a Street North-west
33b Avenue North-west
33b Street North-west
34 Avenue North-west
34 Street North-west
34 Street South-west
34a Avenue North-west
34b Avenue North-west
35 Avenue North-west
35 Street North-west
35a Avenue North-west
35a Street North-west
35b Avenue North-west
36 Avenue North-west
36 Street North-west
36a Avenue North-west
36a Street North-west
36b Avenue North-west
37 Avenue North-west
37 Street North-west
37a Avenue North-west
37a Street North-west
37b Avenue North-west
37c Avenue North-west
38 Avenue North-west
38 Street North-west
38a Avenue North-west
38a Street North-west
38b Avenue North-west
39 Avenue North-west
39 Street North-west
39a Avenue North-west
39a Street North-west
39b Avenue North-west
4 Avenue South-west
40 Avenue North-west
40 Street North-west
40a Avenue North-west
40b Avenue North-west
41 Avenue North-west
41 Avenue South-west
41 Street North-west
41a Avenue North-west
41a Street North-west
41b Avenue North-west
42 Avenue North-west
42 Street North-west
42a Avenue North-west
42a Street North-west
43 Avenue North-west
43 Street North-west
43a Avenue North-west
43a Street North-west
43b Avenue North-west
44 Avenue North-west
44 Street North-west
44a Avenue North-west
44a Street North-west
44b Avenue North-west
44c Avenue North-west
45 Avenue North-west
45 Street North-west
45a Avenue North-west
45a Street North-west
46 Avenue North-west
46 Street North-west
46a Street North-west
47 Avenue North-west
47 Street North-west
47a Avenue North-west
47a Street North-west
48 Avenue North-west
48 Street North-west
48a Street North-west
49 Avenue North-west
49 Street North-west
49a Avenue North-west
49a Street North-west
5 Avenue South-west
50 Avenue North-west
50 Street North-west
50 Street South-west
50a Street North-west
51 Avenue North-west
51 Street North-west
51a Avenue North-west
51a Street South-west
52 Avenue North-west
52 Street North-west
52 Street South-west
52a Avenue North-west
52a Street North-west
52b Avenue North-west
53 Avenue North-west
53 Street North-west
53 Street South-west
53a Avenue North-west
54 Avenue North-west
54 Street North-west
54 Street South-west
54a Avenue North-west
54a Street North-west
54b Street North-west
55 Avenue North-west
55 Street North-west
55 Street South-west
55a Street North-west
56 Avenue North-west
56 Street North-west
56 Street South-west
57 Avenue North-west
57 Street North-west
57 Street South-west
57a Street North-west
58 Avenue North-west
58 Street North-west
58 Street South-west
58a Avenue North-west
58a Street North-west
59 Avenue North-west
59 Street North-west
59 Street South-west
59a Street North-west
59a Street South-west
59b Street North-west
6 Avenue South-west
6 Street North-west
60 Avenue North-west
60 Street North-west
60 Street South-west
60a Avenue North-west
60a Street North-west
61 Avenue North-west
61 Street North-west
61 Street South-west
61a Street North-west
61b Street North-west
62 Avenue North-west
62 Street North-west
62 Street South-west
62a Avenue North-west
62a Street North-west
62b Avenue North-west
62b Street North-west
62c Avenue North-west
63 Avenue North-west
63 Street North-west
63 Street South-west
63a Avenue North-west
63a Street North-west
63a Street South-west
64 Avenue North-west
64 Street North-west
64 Street South-west
64a Street North-west
65 Avenue North-west
65 Street North-west
65 Street South-west
65a Street North-west
66 Avenue North-west
66 Street North-west
66 Street South-west
66a Avenue North-west
67 Avenue North-west
67 Street North-west
67 Street South-west
67a Street North-west
67b Street North-west
68 Avenue North-west
68 Street North-west
68 Street South-west
68a Street North-west
69 Avenue North-west
69 Street North-west
69 Street South-west
69a Avenue North-west
69a Street North-west
69a Street South-west
6b Avenue South-west
7 Avenue South-west
70 Avenue North-west
70 Street North-west
70 Street South-west
70a Street North-west
71 Avenue North-west
71 Street North-west
71 Street South-west
71a Avenue North-west
72 Avenue North-west
72 Street North-west
72 Street South-west
72a Avenue North-west
72a Street North-west
72b Avenue North-west
72b Street North-west
73 Avenue North-west
73 Street North-west
73a Avenue North-west
73a Street North-west
74 Avenue North-west
74 Street North-west
74 Street South-west
74a Avenue North-west
75 Avenue North-west
75 Street North-west
75 Street South-west
75a Street North-west
76 Avenue North-west
76 Street North-west
76 Street South-west
76a Avenue North-west
76a Street North-west
77 Avenue North-west
77 Street North-west
77 Street South-west
77a Avenue North-west
78 Avenue North-west
78 Street North-west
78 Street South-west
78a Avenue North-west
78a Street North-west
79 Avenue North-west
79 Street North-west
79 Street South-west
79a Avenue North-west
79a Street North-west
7a Avenue South-west
8 Avenue North-west
8 Avenue South-west
8 Street North-west
80 Avenue North-west
80 Street North-west
80 Street South-west
80a Avenue North-west
80a Street North-west
81 Avenue North-west
81 Street North-west
81a Avenue North-west
82 Avenue North-west
82 Street North-west
82 Street South-west
82a Avenue North-west
82a Street North-west
83 Avenue North-west
83 Street North-west
83 Street South-west
83a Street North-west
83b Street North-west
84 Avenue North-west
84 Street North-west
84 Street South-west
84a Street North-west
85 Avenue North-west
85 Street North-west
85 Street South-west
85a Street North-west
86 Avenue North-west
86 Street North-west
86 Street South-west
86a Avenue North-west
87 Avenue North-west
87 Street North-west
87 Street South-west
87a Avenue North-west
87a Street North-west
87a Street South-west
87b Avenue North-west
88 Avenue North-west
88 Street North-west
88 Street South-west
88a Avenue North-west
88a Street North-west
88a Street South-west
88b Avenue North-west
89 Avenue North-west
89 Street North-west
89 Street South-west
89a Avenue North-west
89a Street North-west
89b Street South-west
8a Avenue South-west
9 Avenue North-west
9 Avenue South-west
9 Street North-east
9 Street North-west
90 Avenue North-west
90 Street North-west
90 Street South-west
90a Avenue North-west
90a Street North-west
90a Street South-west
91 Avenue North-west
91 Street North-west
91 Street South-west
91a Avenue North-west
91a Street North-west
92 Avenue North-west
92 Street North-west
92a Avenue North-west
92a Street North-west
92b Avenue North-west
92c Avenue North-west
93 Avenue North-west
93 Street North-west
93a Avenue North-west
93a Street North-west
93b Avenue North-west
94 Avenue North-west
94 Street North-west
94a Avenue North-west
94a Street North-west
94b Avenue North-west
95 Avenue North-west
95 Street North-west
95 Street South-west
95a Avenue North-west
95a Street North-west
95b Avenue North-west
96 Avenue North-west
96 Street North-west
96 Street South-west
96a Avenue North-west
96a Street North-west
96b Avenue North-west
97 Avenue North-west
97 Street North-west
97a Avenue North-west
97a Street North-west
98 Avenue North-west
98 Street North-west
98a Avenue North-west
98a Street North-west
99 Avenue North-west
99 Street North-west
99a Avenue North-west
99a Street North-west
99b Street North-west
9a Avenue North-west
9b Avenue North-west
Abbottsfield Road North-west
Ada Boulevard North-west
Adams Way South-west
Ainslie Crescent South-west
Ainslie Way South-west
Airport Road North-west
Alex Taylor Road North-west
Alexander Circle North-west
Allan Drive South-west
Allard Way North-west
Allendale Road North-west
Ambleside Drive South-west
Ambleside Link South-west
Anderson Crescent South-west
Anderson Place South-west
Anderson Way South-west
Anthony Henday Drive North-west
Argyll Road North-west
Armitage Court South-west
Armitage Crescent South-west
Armitage Green South-west
Armitage Wynd South-west
Aspen Drive East North-west
Aspen Drive West North-west
Austin Crescent South-west
Austin Link South-west
Austin O’brien Road North-west
Austin Way South-west
Bailey Court South-west
Bainbridge Crescent North-west
Baker Close South-west
Balfour Close North-west
Ball Cove South-west
Bancroft Close North-west
Barnes Close South-west
Barnes Link South-west
Barnes Way South-west
Barrie Close South-west
Bearspaw Drive East North-west
Bearspaw Drive West North-west
Beaumaris Road North-west
Beck Close South-west
Belgravia Road North-west
Bell Court South-west
Bellamy Hill North-west
Beringer Crescent North-west
Bevington Close North-west
Bevington Place North-west
Bishop Point South-west
Blackburn Close South-west
Blackburn Drive East South-west
Blackburn Drive West South-west
Blackburn Place South-west
Blackett Wynd South-west
Blacklock Way South-west
Blackmore Court South-west
Blackmore Way South-west
Blackmud Creek Crescent South-west
Blackmud Creek Drive South-west
Blackwood Crescent South-west
Blue Quill Crescent North-west
Blue Quill Point North-west
Borden Park Road North-west
Bowen Way South-west
Bowen Wynd South-west
Bowman Point South-west
Bowness Wynd South-west
Brander Drive North-west
Breckenridge Bay North-west
Breckenridge Close North-west
Breckenridge Court North-west
Breckenridge Drive North-west
Breckenridge Lane North-west
Brennan Court North-west
Brennan Crescent North-west
Brintnell Boulevard North-west
Buchanan Close North-west
Buchanan Place North-west
Buchanan Road North-west
Buchanan Way North-west
Buena Vista Road North-west
Bulyea Road North-west
Burgess Close North-west
Burley Close North-west
Burley Drive North-west
Burns Close North-west
Burrows Crescent North-west
Burton Close North-west
Burton Crescent North-west
Burton Loop North-west
Burton Road North-west
Bush Pilot Road North-west
Butchart Drive North-west
Butchart Wynd North-west
Butterworth Drive North-west
Butterworth Point North-west
Butterworth Way North-west
Butterworth Wynd North-west
Byrne Court South-west
Byrne Crescent South-west
Byrne Place South-west
Caine Boulevard South-west
Cairns Bay North-west
Cairns Place North-west
Calderon Crescent North-west
Caldwell Close North-west
Caldwell Court North-west
Caldwell Place North-west
Caldwell Way North-west
Calgary Trail North-west
Calgary Trail South-west
Callaghan Close South-west
Callaghan Court South-west
Callaghan Drive South-west
Callaghan Pointe South-west
Callingwood Place North-west
Callingwood Road North-west
Cameron Avenue North-west
Cameron Heights Access North-west
Cameron Heights Drive North-west
Cameron Ravine Court North-west
Cameron Ravine Cove North-west
Cameron Ravine Drive North-west
Cameron Ravine Landing North-west
Cameron Ravine Way North-west
Campbell Road North-west
Cantor Landing South-west
Capilano Crescent North-west
Capilano Street North-west
Carlson Close North-west
Carmichael Close North-west
Carmichael Wynd North-west
Carse Lane North-west
Carter Crest Road North-west
Carter Crest Way North-west
Castle Crescent North-west
Castle Downs Road North-west
Castle Drive North-west
Castle Keep North-west
Cedar Avenue North-west
Cedar Crescent North-west
Cedar Drive North-west
Centennial Court North-west
Chahley Court North-west
Chahley Crescent North-west
Chahley Landing North-west
Chahley Lane North-west
Chahley Way North-west
Cheriton Crescent North-west
Cherry Grove Place North-west
Churchill Crescent North-west
Clareview Road North-west
Clareview Station Drive North-west
Cliff Crescent North-west
Clifton Place North-west
Cloverdale Road North-west
Colonel Stone Avenue North-west
Connaught Drive North-west
Connelly Court South-west
Connelly Way South-west
Connors Road North-west
Cormack Crescent North-west
Coronet Road North-west
Cote Crescent North-west
Country Club Place North-west
Country Club Point North-west
Country Club Road North-west
Cricket Court North-west
Crown Road North-west
Crystal Crescent North-west
Cumberland Road North-west
Cunningham Drive South-west
Currents Drive North-west
Cutts Court North-west
Cyprus Way North-west
Dalhousie Crescent North-west
Dalhousie Way North-west
Danbury Boulevard North-west
Darlington Crescent North-west
Darlington Gate North-west
Dartmouth Cove North-west
Dartmouth Point North-west
Davies Road North-west
Dechene Lane North-west
Dechene Road North-west
Dechene Way North-west
Decker Way North-west
Decoteau Way North-west
Delwood Road North-west
Dickens Loop North-west
Donnell Road North-west
Donsdale Crescent North-west
Donsdale Drive North-west
Donsdale Gate North-west
Dovercourt Avenue North-west
Dovercourt Crescent North-west
Downey Way North-west
Drysdale Run North-west
Dunluce Road North-west
Dunvegan Road North-west
E.l. Smith Road North-west
Eagle Ridge Place North-west
Easton Road South-west
Edinboro Road North-west
Edwards Drive South-west
Ekota Crescent North-west
Eleniak Road North-west
Ellerslie Road South-west
Ellwood Drive South-west
Ellwood Road South-west
Elsinore Close North-west
Elsinore Place North-west
Emily Murphy Park Road North-west
Evergreen Avenue North-west
Evergreen Crescent North-west
Evergreen Drive North-west
Evergreen Mobile Home Park North-west
Evergreen Place North-west
Evergreen Road North-west
Evergreen Street North-west
Evergreen Way North-west
Fairway Drive North-west
Falconer Court North-west
Falconer End North-west
Falconer Gate North-west
Falconer Link North-west
Falconer Place North-west
Falconer Road North-west
Farnell Close North-west
Ferguson Place North-west
Ferris Way North-west
Fir Avenue North-west
Flight Line Road North-west
Forbes Close North-west
Forbes Way North-west
Forest Lane North-west
Fort Edmonton Park Road North-west
Fort Hill North-west
Fort Road North-east
Fort Road North-west
Fortway Drive North-west
Fox Drive North-west
Fraser Vista North-west
Fraser Way North-west
Frezenberg Avenue North-west
Fulton Drive North-west
Fulton Road North-west
G A Macdonald Avenue North-west
Galbraith Close North-west
Galbraith Gate North-west
Galland Close North-west
Galland Crescent North-west
Gariepy Crescent North-west
Garnett Close North-west
Garnett Court North-west
Garnett Place North-west
Garnett Point North-west
Garnett Way North-west
Gateway Boulevard North-west
Gateway Boulevard South-west
Gault Boulevard North-west
Geissinger Loop North-west
Geissinger Road North-west
George Close North-west
Gibb Close North-west
Gibb Wynd North-west
Gillespie Crescent North-west
Girard Road North-west
Glastonbury Boulevard North-west
Glastonbury Court North-west
Glenora Crescent North-west
Glenora Point North-west
Glenwright Court North-west
Glenwright Crescent North-west
Glenwright Gate North-west
Goodspeed Lane North-west
Goodwin Circle North-west
Goodwin Close North-west
Goodwin Court North-west
Goodwin Way North-west
Graham Court North-west
Graham Gate North-west
Graham Wynd North-west
Grand Meadow Crescent North-west
Grand View Drive North-west
Grandisle Point North-west
Grandisle Road North-west
Grandisle Way North-west
Granlea Crescent North-west
Grant Court North-west
Grant Gate North-west
Grant Way North-west
Grantham Court North-west
Grantham Drive North-west
Graydon Court North-west
Green Close North-west
Green Wynd North-west
Greenoch Crescent North-west
Grierson Hill Road North-west
Griesbach Parade North-west
Griesbach Road North-west
Griesbach School Road North-west
Groat Road North-west
Guardian Road North-west
Guthrie Point South-west
Habitat Crescent North-west
Haddow Close North-west
Haddow Drive North-west
Hagen Link North-west
Hagen Way North-west
Haliburton Close North-west
Haliburton Court North-west
Haliburton Crescent North-west
Haliburton Road North-west
Hamilton Crescent North-west
Hammond Close North-west
Hammond Court North-west
Hammond Crescent North-west
Hammond Gate North-west
Hammond Place North-west
Hampton Court North-west
Hanna Court North-west
Hanna Crescent North-west
Hardisty Drive North-west
Hardy Place North-west
Hardy Point North-west
Harker Close North-west
Harrison Drive North-west
Harrow Circle North-west
Harvest Road North-west
Haswell Close North-west
Haswell Court North-west
Haswell Cove North-west
Haswell Gate North North-west
Haswell Gate South North-west
Haswell Place North-west
Haswell Way North-west
Haynes Close North-west
Hays Drive North-west
Hays Way North-west
Hayter Road North-west
Hayward Crescent North-west
Heacock Road North-west
Heagle Crescent North-west
Healy Road North-west
Heath Road North-west
Heavener Bay North-west
Hector Place North-west
Hector Road North-west
Hedley Way North-west
Heffernan Close North-west
Heffernan Drive North-west
Hegler Crescent North-west
Hemingway Road North-west
Henderson Street North-west
Hendra Crescent North-west
Henry Avenue North-west
Henson Close North-west
Henwood Place North-west
Hepburn Avenue North-west
Hermitage Road North-west
Herring-cooper Way North-west
Hetu Lane North-west
Hewes Way North-west
Hewgill Place North-west
Hill View Crescent North-west
Hillcrest Drive North-west
Hillcrest Place North-west
Hilliard Close North-west
Hilliard Green North-west
Hilliard Place North-west
Hillside Crescent North-west
Hodgins Road North-west
Hodgson Boulevard North-west
Hodgson Close North-west
Hodgson Court North-west
Hodgson Place North-west
Hodgson Road North-west
Hodgson Way North-west
Holgate Place North-west
Hollands Close North-west
Hollands Landing North-west
Hollands Point North-west
Hollands Way North-west
Hollick-kenyon Road North-west
Hollick-kenyon Way North-west
Hollinger Close North-west
Hollingsworth Bend North-west
Hollingsworth Green North-west
Holman Crescent North-west
Holman Place North-west
Holyrood Road North-west
Homestead Crescent North-west
Hooke Court North-west
Hooke Place North-west
Hooke Road North-west
Hooper Crescent North-west
Hope Road North-west
Hope Way North-west
Horner Road North-west
Horsehills Creek Crescent North-west
Horsehills Road North-west
Howson Crescent North-west
Hudson Bend North-west
Hudson Court North-west
Hudson Place North-west
Hudson Road North-west
Hudson Way North-west
Huffman Crescent North-west
Hughes Road North-west
Humberstone Road North-west
Hunt Road North-west
Hunters Close North-west
Hunters Gate North-west
Hunters Green North-west
Hunters Run North-west
Hunters Way North-west
Hyndman Crescent North-west
Hyndman Road North-west
Inland Way North-west
Ironwood Place North-west
Jackson Road North-west
James Crescent North-west
James Mowatt Trail South-west
Jamha Road North-west
Jarvis Crescent North-west
Jasper Avenue North-west
Jefferson Road North-west
Jefferys Crescent North-west
Jellett Way North-west
Jenner Cove North-west
Jennings Bay North-west
Jillings Crescent North-west
Johns Close North-west
Johns Road North-west
Jones Crescent North-west
Jordan Crescent North-west
Joyce Crescent North-west
Joyce Road North-west
Juniper Court North-west
Juniper Crescent North-west
Juniper Place North-west
Juniper Street North-west
Juniper Way North-west
Kaasa Road East North-west
Kaasa Road West North-west
Kane Wynd North-west
Kapyong Avenue North-west
Karl Clark Road North-west
Kaufman Way North-west
Keillor Road North-west
Kensit Place North-west
Kerr Road North-west
Keyhole Crescent North-west
Kingsway Avenue North-west
Kiniski Crescent North-west
Kinross Road North-west
Kirkness Road North-west
Kirkpatrick Crescent North-west
Kirkwood Avenue North-west
Kirkwood Way North-west
Klarvatten Bay North-west
Klarvatten Close North-west
Klarvatten Court North-west
Klarvatten Cove North-west
Klarvatten Lake Wynd North-west
Klarvatten Road North-west
Kline Crescent North-west
Knottwood Road East North-west
Knottwood Road North North-west
Knottwood Road South North-west
Knottwood Road West North-west
Kramer Place North-west
Kramer Way North-west
Kulawy Drive North North-west
Kulawy Drive North-west
Kulawy Gate North-west
Kulawy Place North-west
Kulawy Point North-west
Lacombe Court North-west
Lago Lindo Crescent North-west
Lakeside Close
Lakeside Crescent
Lakeside Drive
Lakeview Bay North-west
Lakeview Close North-west
Lakeview Drive North-west
Lakeview Green North-west
Lakeview Place North-west
Lakeview Point
Lakeview Road
Lakewood Close
Lakewood Crescent
Lakewood Drive
Lakewood Road East North-west
Lakewood Road North North-west
Lakewood Road South North-west
Lakewood Road West North-west
Lamb Crescent North-west
Lambert Court North-west
Lansdowne Drive North-west
Larch Drive North-west
Latta Court North-west
Latta Crescent North-west
Latta Place North-west
Lauber Crescent North-west
Lauder Avenue North-west
Lauderdale Road North-west
Laurier Drive North-west
Laurier Place North-west
Lavigne Road North-west
Lawrence Court North-west
Layton Court North-west
Lee Ridge Road North-west
Leger Boulevard North-west
Leger Court North-west
Leger Gate North-west
Leger Road North-west
Leger Way North-west
Leigh Crescent North-west
Lemieux Close North-west
Lemieux Court North-west
Lemieux Place North-west
Lessard Drive North-west
Lessard Road North-west
Lewis Estates Boulevard North-west
Lewis Green Drive North-west
Lincoln Crescent North-west
Lindsay Crescent North-west
Livingstone Court North-west
Lodgepole Crescent North-west
Lodgepole Place North-west
Loewen Court North-west
Lougheed Court North-west
Lynnwood Way North-west
Macdonald Drive North-west
Macewan Close South-west
Macewan Road South-west
Mackenzie Drive North-west
Maclean Close South-west
Macneil Bay North-west
Macneil Court North-west
Macneil Heath North-west
Macneil Link North-west
Macneil Place North-west
Macneil Way North-west
Mactaggart Court North-west
Mactaggart Crescent North-west
Mactaggart Crest North-west
Mactaggart Drive North-west
Magrath Boulevard North-west
Magrath Road North-west
Magrath View North-west
Malmo Road North-west
Malone Close North-west
Malone Green North-west
Malone Place North-west
Malone Way North-west
Mann Court North-west
Mann Lane North-west
Mann Place North-west
Manning Drive North-east
Manning Drive North-west
Maple Ridge Drive North-west
Maple Terrace North-west
Marion Place South-west
Mark Messier Trail North-west
Marlboro Road North-west
Marlborough Place North-west
Martell Crescent North-west
Martell Lane North-west
Martell Place North-west
Massey Court North-west
Massey Landing North-west
Massey Way North-west
Matheson Way North-west
Mayfield Common Road North-west
Mayfield Road North-west
Mayliewan Close North-west
Mayliewan Place North-west
Maynard Crescent North-west
Maynard Point North-west
Maynard Way North-west
Mcallister Court South-west
Mcallister Crescent South-west
Mcallister Loop South-west
Mcallister Way South-west
Mccall Court North-west
Mccall Place North-west
Mcclung Court North-west
Mcclung Crescent North-west
Mcconachie Drive North-west
Mcconachie Way North-west
Mccrae Avenue North-west
Mcdonough Link North-west
Mcdonough Way North-west
Mcdougall Hill Road North-west
Mcintyre Road North-west
Mckay Lane South-west
Mckinney Court North-west
Mckinney Green North-west
Mckinney Link North-west
Mclay Court North-west
Mclay Green North-west
Mclean Court South-west
Mclean Crescent South-west
Mcleod Road North-west
Mcluhan Bay North-west
Mcluhan Bluff North-west
Mcluhan End North-west
Mcluhan Place North-west
Mcluhan Road North-west
Mcmillian Place South-west
Mcmillian Way South-west
Mcmullen Green South-west
Mcmullen Place South-west
Mcmullen Way South-west
Mcphadden Close South-west
Mcphadden Place South-west
Mcphadden Way South-west
Mcqueen Road North-west
Meadow Crescent North-west
Meadow Drive North-west
Meadowlark Road North-west
Melrose Crescent South-west
Melrose Place South-west
Meridian Street North-east
Meridian Street North-west
Might Crescent North-west
Miles Place South-west
Mill Woods Road East North-west
Mill Woods Road North-west
Mill Woods Road South North-west
Millbourne Road East North-west
Millbourne Road West North-west
Miller Boulevard North-west
Morris Road North-west
Mount Lawn Road North-west
Mullen Bend North-west
Mullen Crest North-west
Mullen Place North-west
Mullen Road North-west
Mullen Way North-west
O’connor Close North-west
Oak Ridge Drive North-west
Oakes Gate North-west
Ockenden Place North-west
Oeming Road North-west
Ogilvie Boulevard North-west
Ogilvie Place North-west
Olsen Close North-west
Omand Drive North-west
Ormsby Close North-west
Ormsby Court North-west
Ormsby Crescent North-west
Ormsby Lane North-west
Ormsby Road East North-west
Ormsby Road West North-west
Ormsby Wynd North-west
Osborne Crescent North-west
Osborne Gate North-west
Osland Close North-west
Osland Drive North-west
Osland Place North-west
Ottewell Road North-west
Ower Place North-west
Ozerna Road North-west
Palmer Close North-west
Pardee Bay North-west
Park Drive North-west
Park Ridge Crescent North-west
Parsons Road North-west
Parsons Road South-west
Patricia Crescent North-west
Patricia Drive North-west
Patricia Place North-west
Pawson Cove North-west
Pearson Crescent North-west
Pegasus Boulevard North-west
Peter Close North-west
Phillips Row North-west
Picard Drive North-west
Pine Cone Place North-west
Pine Drive North-west
Porter Court North-west
Post Road North-west
Potter Greens Drive North-west
Prestige Point North-west
Princess Elizabeth Avenue North-west
Proctor Wynd North-west
Promontory Point North-west
Quadrant Avenue North-west
Quarry Crescent North-west
Queen Elizabeth Park Road North-west
Quesnell Crescent North-west
Quesnell Road North-west
Rabbit Hill Court North-west
Rabbit Hill Road North-west
Railway Street West North-west
Ramsay Crescent North-west
Ramsay Road North-west
Range Road 242
Range Road 250
Range Road 251
Range Road 252
Ravine Drive North-west
Ravine Point North-west
Ravine Road North-west
Reeves Crest North-west
Reeves Gate North-west
Reeves Way North-west
Rehwinkel Close North-west
Rehwinkel Road North-west
Reid Close North-west
Reid Place North-west
Revell Crescent North-west
Revell Wynd North-west
Rhatigan Road East North-west
Rhatigan Road West North-west
Rice Road North-west
Richards Crescent North-west
Richfield Road North-west
Riddell Street North-west
Ridgeway Drive North-west
Rim Road North-west
Rio Park Road North-west
Rio Terrace Drive North-west
River Heights Drive North-west
River Point North-west
River Valley Road North-west
River View Way South-west
Riverbend Road North-west
Riverside Crescent North-west
Riverside Drive North-west
Robertson Close South-west
Robertson Crescent South-west
Robertson Place South-west
Robertson Way South-west
Roche Crescent North-west
Rochester Avenue North-west
Romaniuk Place North-west
Romaniuk Road North-west
Ronning Close North-west
Ronning Gate North-west
Ronning Street North-west
Rooney Crescent North-west
Roper Road North-west
Rossdale Road North-west
Round Road North-west
Routledge Road North-west
Rowland Road North-west
Roy Gate North-west
Roy Street North-west
Royal Road North-west
Running Creek Lane North-west
Running Creek Point North-west
Running Creek Road North-west
Rutherford Close South-west
Rutherford Court South-west
Rutherford Place South-west
Rutherford Point South-west
Rutherford Road South-west
Rutherford Way South-west
Ryan Place North-west
Saddleback Road North-west
San Fortunato Street North-west
Sandin Cove North-west
Sandin Crescent North-west
Sandin Way North-west
Saskatchewan Drive North-west
Saskatchewan Drive South North-west
Savaryn Drive South-west
Schmid Crescent North-west
Schmid Place North-west
Schonsee Drive North-west
Scona Road North-west
Scott Crescent North-west
Scott Lane North-west
Secord Boulevard North-west
Secord Drive North-west
Shaske Crescent North-west
Shaske Drive North-west
Shaske Place North-west
Shaw Way South-west
Sheppard Court South-west
Sherbrooke Avenue North-west
Sherin Road North-west
Sherwood Park Freeway North-west
Silver Berry Road North-west
Simpson Drive North-west
Singer Gate North-west
Singer Landing North-west
Singer Way North-west
Sloane Court North-west
Sloane Crescent North-west
Southesk Landing North-west
Sparling Court South-west
Speaker Place North-west
Speaker Vista North-west
Speaker Way North-west
Spence Wynd South-west
Spruce Drive North-west
St Albert Trail North-west
St Gabriel School Road North-west
St. George’s Crescent North-west
Stadium Road North-west
Stan Waters Avenue North-west
Stanton Drive South-west
Steele Crescent North-west
Stein Lane North-west
Stein Way North-west
Stevens Crescent North-west
Stewart Crescent South-west
Stinson Road North-west
Stinson Way North-west
Stirling Road North-west
Stony Plain Road North-west
Strathearn Crescent North-west
Strathearn Drive North-west
Strom Lane North-west
Suder Greens Drive North-west
Summerside Cove South-west
Summerside Drive South-west
Summerside Gate South-west
Summerside Grande Boulevard South-west
Summerside Link South-west
Summit Drive North-west
Summit Point North-west
Surrey Gardens North-west
Sutter Link North-west
Sutter Place North-west
Suzanna Crescent South-west
Tamarack Gate North-west
Tamarack Green North-west
Tamarack Road North-west
Tanner Link North-west
Tanner Wynd North-west
Taylor Close North-west
Taylor Cove North-west
Taylor Green North-west
Tegler Gate North-west
Tegler Green North-west
Terrace Road North-west
Terwillegar Boulevard North-west
Terwillegar Boulevard South North-west
Terwillegar Common North-west
Terwillegar Drive North-west
Terwillegar Drive South North-west
Terwillegar Link North-west
Terwillegar Vista North-west
Terwillegar Way North-west
Terwillegar Wynd North-west
The Parkway North-west
Thibault Way North-west
Thibault Wynd North-west
Thompson Court North-west
Thompson Place North-west
Thornton Court North-west
Thorogood Close North-west
Thorogood Lane North-west
Toane Wynd North-west
Todd Court North-west
Todd Landing North-west
Todd Link North-west
Tomlinson Common North-west
Tomlinson Crescent North-west
Tomlinson Green North-west
Tomlinson Square North-west
Tomlinson Way North-west
Tommy Banks Way North-west
Tompkins Place North-west
Tompkins Way North-west
Tompkins Wynd North-west
Topham Street North-west
Tory Crescent North-west
Tory Point North-west
Tory Road North-west
Tory View North-west
Tower Road North-west
Towne Centre Boulevard North-west
Tredger Close North-west
Tredger Court North-west
Tredger Green North-west
Tredger Lane North-west
Tredger Place North-west
Trelle Crescent North-west
Trelle Loop North-west
Trelle Way North-west
Tufford Way North-west
Turner Link North-west
Turner Square North-west
Turvey Bend North-west
Tweedsmuir Crescent North-west
Twin Brooks Bay North-west
Twin Brooks Bend North-west
Twin Brooks Close North-west
Twin Brooks Court North-west
Twin Brooks Cove North-west
Twin Brooks Crescent North-west
Twin Brooks Drive North-west
Twin Brooks Point North-west
Twin Brooks Way North-west
University Avenue North-west
Valleyview Crescent North-west
Valleyview Drive North-west
Valleyview Point North-west
Valour Way North-west
Veterans Way North-west
Victoria Park Road North-west
Victoria Trail North-west
Villa Avenue North-west
Village On The Green North-west
Wadhurst Road North-west
Wagner Road North-west
Wahstao Crescent North-west
Wahstao Road North-west
Wakina Drive North-west
Walker Road North-west
Wallbridge Place North-west
Walsh Crescent North-west
Walterdale Hill North-west
Wanyandi Road North-west
Wanyandi Way North-west
Ward Crescent North-west
Warry Bay South-west
Warry Court South-west
Warry Link South-west
Warry Loop South-west
Warry Place South-west
Warry Way South-west
Warwick Crescent North-west
Warwick Road North-west
Washburn Drive South-west
Wates Close South-west
Wates Link South-west
Wates Place South-west
Watson Bay South-west
Watson Court South-west
Watson Green South-west
Watson Place South-west
Watson Point South-west
Watt Boulevard South-west
Waygood Road North-west
Wayne Gretzky Drive North-west
Weaver Drive North-west
Weaver Point North-west
Webber Greens Drive North-west
Weber Close North-west
Weber Gate North-west
Weber Place North-west
Weber Way North-west
Wedgewood Boulevard North-west
Wedgewood Crescent North-west
Welbourn Cove North-west
Welbourn Drive North-west
Welbourn Lane North-west
Wellington Crescent North-west
Wells Gate North-west
Wells Wynd North-west
Wellwood Way North-west
Welsh Drive South-west
Wershof Road North-west
West Brook Road North-west
West Brook Way North-west
West Coast Bay North-west
West Coast Place North-west
West Court North-west
West Landing North-west
West Mount Crescent North-west
West Mount Place North-west
West Oak Bay North-west
West Oak Close North-west
West Oak Court North-west
West Oak Green North-west
West Oak Place North-west
West Oak Way North-west
West Place North-west
West Point Wynd North-west
West Port Close North-west
West Port Road North-west
West Ridge Place North-west
West Royal Place North-west
West Royal Way North-west
West Strait Place North-west
West View Bay North-west
West View Boulevard North-west
West View Close North-west
West View Crescent North-west
West View Green North-west
West View Hill North-west
West View Rise North-west
West Wood Gate North-west
West Wood Place North-west
Westbrook Drive North-west
Westridge Crescent North-west
Westridge Road North-west
Wheeler Place North-west
Wheeler Road West North-west
Whispering River Drive North-west
Whiston Bay North-west
Whiston Close North-west
Whiston Court North-west
Whiston Place North-west
Whiston Road North-west
Whiston Way North-west
Whiston Wynd North-west
Whitelaw Bay North-west
Whitelaw Close North-west
Whitelaw Drive North-west
Whitelaw Gate North-west
Whitelaw Lane North-west
Whitelaw Way North-west
Whitemud Drive North-west
Whitemud Place North-west
Whitemud Road North-west
Wild Ridge Place North-west
Wild Rose Way North-west
Wildwood Crescent North-west
Wildwood Point North-west
Wilkin Close North-west
Wilkin Place North-west
Wilkin Road North-west
Wilkin Way North-west
Wilkin Wynd North-west
William Hustler Crescent North-west
William Short Road North-west
Williams Court North-west
Willow Court North-west
Willow Way North-west
Willowdale Drive North-west
Wilson Lane North-west
Windermere Boulevard North-west
Windermere Boulevard South-west
Windermere Court North-west
Windermere Crescent North-west
Windermere Drive North-west
Windermere Drive South-west
Windermere Road North-west
Windermere Way South-west
Windross Crescent North-west
Windsor Road North-west
Winterburn Road North-west
Winterburn Street North-west
Winterburn Street South-west
Wiseman Lane North-west
Wize Court North-west
Wolf Crescent North-west
Wolf Ridge Close North-west
Wolf Ridge Place North-west
Wolf Ridge Point North-west
Wolf Ridge Way North-west
Wolf Willow Close North-west
Wolf Willow Crescent North-west
Wolf Willow Point North-west
Wolf Willow Road North-west
Woodbend Place North-west
Woodbend Wynd North-west
Woodcroft Avenue North-west
Woodland Crescent North-west
Woodvale Road East North-west
Woodvale Road West North-west
Woodward Crescent North-west
Woodward Place North-west
Wotherspoon Close North-west
Wyman Lane North-west
Yellowhead Trail North-west
Youville Drive East North-west
Youville Drive West North-west
Zaychuk Road North-west