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Chestermere, originally named Chestermere Lake, is a city in the Canadian province of Alberta, within Rocky View County. It is largely a commuter town of Calgary and is a member municipality of the Calgary Region. The city, which surrounds Chestermere Lake, was known as Chestermere Lake from 1977 to 1993.


100 Cove Court
100 Cove Point
100 East Lakeview Place
100 Lakeside Greens Court
100 Lakeside Greens Place
100 Oakmere Place
100 Parkmere Court
100 Springmere Place
100 West Creek Bay
100 West Creek Court
100 West Creek Mews
1a Highway
200 Cove Court
200 Cove Point
200 East Lakeview Place
200 Lakeside Greens Court
200 Lakeside Greens Place
200 Oakmere Place
200 Parkmere Court
200 Springmere Place
200 West Creek Bay
200 West Creek Court
200 West Creek Mews
200 West Creek Springs
300 East Lakeview Place
300 Lakeside Greens Court
300 Lakeside Greens Place
300 West Creek Bay
300 West Creek Springs
400 East Lakeview Place
400 West Creek Bay
500 East Lakeview Place
500 Lakeside Greens Place
Aspenmere Close
Aspenmere Place
Cascades Pass
Cavendish Beach Bay
Chestermere Station Way
Cove Bay
Cove Close
Cove Crescent
Cove Drive
Cove Landing
Cove Link
Cove Place
Cove Rise
Cove Road
Cove Way
Crimson Close
Crimson Lane
Crystal Beach Bay
East Chestermere Drive
East Chestermere Link
East Lakeview Court
East Lakeview Road
Founder’s Point
Grand Beach Bay
Hawkmere Close
Hawkmere Gate
Hawkmere Mews
Hawkmere Place
Hawkmere Road
Hawkmere View
Hawkmere Way
Invermere Close
Invermere Drive
Lake Ere Estate
Lake Place
Lakeside Greens Close
Lakeside Greens Court
Lakeside Greens Crescent
Lakeside Greens Drive
Lakeside Greens Gate
Lakeside Greens Place
Lakeview Bay
Lakeview Cove
Lakeview Gate
Lakeview Inlet
Lakeview Rise
Lakeview Shores
Lakeview Shores Court
Lavender Link
Lavender Way
Long Beach Landing
Long Beach Link
Magenta Crescent
Marina Drive
Marina Road
Merganser Drive East
Merganser Drive West
Nativity Bay
Oakmere Close
Oakmere Green
Oakmere Point
Oakmere Way
Paradise Road
Parkmere Green
Qualicum Beach Way
Rainbow Falls Boulevard
Rainbow Falls Drive
Rainbow Falls Grove
Rainbow Falls Way
Rainbow Road South
Range Road 281
Range Road 281a
Range Road 282
Range Road 283
Range Road 284
Sandpiper Lane
Sandy Beach Cove
Seagreen Gate
Seagreen Lane
Seagreen Link
Seagreen Manor
Seagreen Passage
Seagreen Way
Sienna Passage
Springmere Close
Springmere Drive
Springmere Key
Springmere Link
Springmere Road
Springmere Way
Stonemere Close
Stonemere Place
Stonemere Point
Topaz Gate
Township Road 240
Township Road 241a
Township Road 241b
Township Road 243
Township Road 243a
Transcanada Highway
Victoria Beach Bay
West Chestermere Drive
West Creek Boulevard
West Creek Circle
West Creek Close
West Creek Crescent
West Creek Drive
West Creek Glen
West Creek Green
West Creek Landing
West Creek Meadow
West Creek Point
West Creek Pond
West Creek Springs
West Lakeview Circle
West Lakeview Close
West Lakeview Crescent
West Lakeview Drive
West Lakeview Passage
West Lakeview Place
West Lakeview Point
Westchester Bay
Westchester Boulevard
Westchester Cove
Westchester Gate
Westchester Key
Westchester Way
Willowmere Close
Willowmere Way
Windermere Drive
Windmere Boulevard