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Nestled within the enchanting Edmonton Metropolitan Region of Alberta, Canada, Beaumont (pronounced BOH-mont) is a charming city, gracefully poised at the crossroads of Highway 625 and Highway 814. Its heartwarming proximity to the City of Edmonton, a mere stone’s throw away, as well as the City of Leduc just 6.0 kilometers (3.7 miles) to the southwest, evokes a sense of belonging. Meanwhile, the Nisku Industrial Park stands a friendly 4.0 kilometers (2.5 miles) to the west, and the Edmonton International Airport extends a welcoming embrace 8.0 kilometers (5.0 miles) to the southwest, both ready to facilitate connections near and far. In this charming town, Beaumont real estate becomes more than just houses; it’s the foundation upon which you build your dreams.

Exploring Beaumont Houses for Sale

Beaumont’s real estate landscape is a colorful array of possibilities. From newer contemporary bungalows with clean lines and sleek designs to charming vintage homes that whisper tales of bygone eras, Beaumont offers a wide range of options for those seeking houses for sale. Whether you are searching for houses for sale in Beaumont, Alberta or exploring the MLS listings in Beaumont, you’ll find a vibrant market to consider.

Affordable Elegance: Homes for Sale in Beaumont

In this artist’s haven, affordability meets elegance. Homes for sale in Beaumont offer a wide range of prices, catering to various budgets. Within the $400,000 to $600,000 range, you can discover your ideal home, cozy and stylish. Should your dreams reach even higher, the $650,000 to $750,000 range offers homes that radiate luxury and class. Explore the Beaumont MLS listings to find your dream home.

Details That Define Beaumont Homes

It’s not just the canvas; it’s the brushstrokes that make a masterpiece. Beaumont’s homes for sale are rich in details that define your space. Dark custom maple cabinetry, granite countertops glistening like polished gems, decks with glass railings framing picturesque views, and stone fireplaces that warm your heart – these are the fine strokes that create your living art. Whether you’re looking for a house for sale in Beaumont, AB, or considering Beaumont homes for sale in Edmonton, you’ll find elegance in every detail.

The Heart of the Matter: Beaumont Realty

A masterpiece isn’t complete without a heart. In Beaumont, the heart of the town is St. Vital Church, a symbol of unity and tradition, dating back to 1919. Just as art bridges generations, this iconic landmark connects the past with the present, reminding us of the enduring sense of community that defines Beaumont. Beaumont realty is not just about transactions; it’s about becoming a part of a welcoming and family-oriented town.

Beyond Real Estate: Beaumont’s Vibrant Communities

Real estate is just one color on this vibrant canvas. Beaumont offers a world of amenities and opportunities, like a palette of vibrant shades. Walk along tree-lined sidewalks, beneath a canopy of shade and color, showcasing a superb curb appeal. For families, you’ll find beautiful family-friendly subdivisions near parks, sports fields, and other recreation facilities. There’s something for everyone: from sweet treats at Le Gateau to shopping for children’s clothes at Frogs N’ Fairies Boutique, from tennis matches at Gobeil Park to picnics with serene lake views at Four Season Park. And for the equestrians, there’s the Kel-j-Do Riding School, a place to explore your love for horses and riding.

Community Spirit and Real Estate in Beaumont

Much like an art studio buzzing with creativity, Beaumont is a community alive with spirit. With over 10,000 residents, it’s technically a town, but the small, rural community spirit is strong, weaving a tight-knit fabric of belonging. Beaumont is famous not just for its real estate but also for its community, its French-Canadian heritage, and its reputation as a welcoming and family-oriented town.

Living the Dream: Beaumont Real Estate

Just as an artist breathes life into a canvas, you can breathe life into your dream in Beaumont. Its real estate is not just a transaction but a testament to your aspirations. Whether it’s the ambiance of a vintage home, the modern elegance of a new estate, or the simplicity of a cottage, Beaumont is a place where you create your own living masterpiece.

Beaumont Real Estate: Where Art and Home Unite.

Explore Beaumont real estate and homes for sale, and you’ll find a palette of possibilities awaiting your creative touch. With a rich array of housing options, Beaumont is the canvas upon which you can paint the story of your life. Whether you’re seeking houses for sale in Beaumont, Alberta, or dreaming of owning a house for sale in Beaumont, AB, this charming town offers a wide range of choices to suit your preferences and budget. Discover the rich details that define Beaumont homes, from dark custom maple cabinetry to stone fireplaces that add warmth and character.

St. Vital Church, an iconic landmark in Beaumont, stands as a symbol of unity and tradition. It connects the town’s past with the present, reflecting the enduring sense of community that defines Beaumont.

While real estate is a vital part of the town’s identity, Beaumont offers much more. Its vibrant communities boast amenities and opportunities for people of all ages, from tree-lined sidewalks to picturesque parks. Whether you’re a family looking for a child-friendly subdivision or an equestrian enthusiast, Beaumont has something special to offer.

In Beaumont, community spirit is palpable. While the town has grown to over 10,000 residents, it maintains its small-town, rural charm, fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Beaumont isn’t just a place; it’s a canvas for your dreams, where you can create your own living masterpiece. Explore Beaumont real estate and become part of a welcoming, family-oriented town that celebrates its French-Canadian heritage.

What is Beaumont Alberta known for?
Beaumont, Alberta, is known for its charming small-town atmosphere, friendly community, and proximity to the city of Edmonton. It also has a rich agricultural history.

Why live in Beaumont AB?
People choose to live in Beaumont, Alberta, for its family-friendly environment, excellent schools, lower housing costs compared to nearby cities, and its scenic location.

Is Beaumont Alberta a town or city?
Beaumont, Alberta, is officially recognized as a town.

Is Beaumont Alberta bilingual?
Yes, Beaumont, Alberta, is a bilingual town, with both English and French being widely spoken due to its Francophone heritage.

Is Beaumont cheap to live?
Compared to larger cities like Edmonton, Beaumont can be more affordable to live in, with a lower cost of housing and a generally reasonable cost of living.

What is the crime rate in Beaumont Alberta?
The crime rate in Beaumont, Alberta, is relatively low, making it a safe community to reside in.

Is Beaumont a nice place to live?
Many residents find Beaumont a pleasant place to live, appreciating its tight-knit community, recreational opportunities, and overall quality of life.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Beaumont?
Beaumont doesn’t have any neighborhoods that are particularly expensive compared to larger cities, but some newer developments or golf course-adjacent areas may have higher home values.

What is the racial makeup of Beaumont?
The racial makeup of Beaumont is diverse, with a mix of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures living in the town.

Why is Beaumont famous?
Beaumont is famous for its strong sense of community, French-Canadian heritage, and its reputation as a welcoming and family-oriented town.

What food is Beaumont known for?
Beaumont doesn’t have a specific food it’s known for, but like the rest of Alberta, it offers a range of culinary options, including Canadian cuisine and international dishes.

What is the main industry in Beaumont?
The main industry in Beaumont is not limited to one specific sector, but it has a mix of industries, including agriculture, retail, and services, which support its economy and livelihood.

Postal Codes: Streets:
T4X 0A1 30 Avenue
T4X 0A2 32 Avenue
T4X 0A3 34 Avenue
T4X 0A4 36 Avenue
T4X 0A5 37 Avenue
T4X 0A6 38 Avenue
T4X 0A7 40 Avenue
T4X 0A8 41 Avenue
T4X 0A9 42 Avenue
T4X 0B1 42 Street
T4X 0B2 43 Avenue
T4X 0B3 43 Street
T4X 0B4 44 Avenue
T4X 0B5 44 Street
T4X 0B6 45 Avenue
T4X 0B7 45 Street
T4X 0B8 46 Avenue
T4X 0B9 46 Street
T4X 0C1 47 Avenue
T4X 0C2 47 Street
T4X 0C3 48 Avenue
T4X 0C5 48 Street
T4X 0C6 49 Avenue
T4X 0C7 49 Street
T4X 0C8 50 Avenue
T4X 0C9 50 Street
T4X 0E2 50a Avenue
T4X 0E3 51 Avenue
T4X 0E5 51 Street
T4X 0E8 52 Avenue
T4X 0G2 52 Street
T4X 0G3 53 Avenue
T4X 0G4 53 Street
T4X 0G7 54 Avenue
T4X 0H3 54 Street
T4X 0J1 55 Avenue
T4X 0J4 55 Street
T4X 0L3 56 Avenue
T4X 0L7 56 Street
T4X 0L9 56a Street
T4X 0M1 57 Avenue
T4X 0M2 57 Street
T4X 0M4 58 Street
T4X 0M6 59 Street
T4X 0N6 60 Avenue
T4X 0N9 60 Street
T4X 0P1 61 Street
T4X 0P2 62 Street
T4X 0P4 63 Street
T4X 0P7 64 Street
T4X 0P8 65 Street
T4X 0R4 66 Street
T4X 0R5 814 Highway
T4X 0R7 Baie Madelene
T4X 0R9 Baie Masson
T4X 0S1 Bedard Court
T4X 0W1 Bernard Court
T4X 0W3 Bonin Crescent
T4X 0W4 Brassard Court
T4X 0Z9 Brochu Court
T4X 1A1 Caillou Bay
T4X 1A2 Carriere Crescent
T4X 1A3 Carriere Place
T4X 1A4 Cavelier Court
T4X 1A5 Cercle Ciel Crescent
T4X 1A6 Chalifoux Court
T4X 1A7 Champlain Place
T4X 1A8 Chateau Close
T4X 1A9 Chateau Court
T4X 1B1 Coloniale Close
T4X 1B2 Coloniale Court
T4X 1B3 Coloniale Gate
T4X 1B4 Coloniale Way
T4X 1B5 Cote Close
T4X 1B6 Country Club Drive
T4X 1B7 Country Club Place
T4X 1B8 Etoile Court
T4X 1B9 Homestead Close
T4X 1C1 Lakeland Crescent
T4X 1C2 Lakeland Drive
T4X 1C3 Lakeland Point
T4X 1C4 Lakeview Crescent
T4X 1C5 Lakevista Point
T4X 1C6 Lakewood Boulevard
T4X 1C7 Lakewood Close
T4X 1C8 Magasin Avenue
T4X 1C9 Montrose Boulevard
T4X 1E1 Pierre Court
T4X 1E2 Pointe Marcelle
T4X 1E4 Pointe Marson
T4X 1E7 Pointe Masson
T4X 1E8 Promenade Boulevard
T4X 1E9 Promenade Place
T4X 1G1 Racine Court
T4X 1G2 Radisson Court
T4X 1G3 Range Road 243
T4X 1G4 Reichert Drive
T4X 1G5 Renaud Court
T4X 1G6 Rhonda Bay
T4X 1G7 Richard Place
T4X 1G8 Richelieu Crescent
T4X 1G9 Richelieu Place
T4X 1H1 Rideau Crescent
T4X 1H2 Rivard Crescent
T4X 1H3 Roche Place
T4X 1H5 Rochelle Court
T4X 1H6 Rosemount Boulevard
T4X 1H7 Rosemount Place
T4X 1H8 Rue Blanchard
T4X 1H9 Rue Bouchard
T4X 1J1 Rue Brunelle
T4X 1J2 Rue Eaglemont
T4X 1J3 Rue Madelene
T4X 1J4 Rue Magnan
T4X 1J5 Rue Marquet
T4X 1J6 Rue Marseille
T4X 1J7 Rue Masson
T4X 1J8 Rue Monette
T4X 1J9 Rue Monique
T4X 1K1 Rue Montalet
T4X 1K2 Rue Moreau
T4X 1K5 Rue Parc
T4X 1K8 Soleil Boulevard
T4X 1K9 Township Road 510
T4X 1L3 Triomphe Boulevard
T4X 1L4 Triomphe Close
T4X 1L5 Triomphe Gate
T4X 1L6 Triomphe Point
T4X 1L7
T4X 1L8
T4X 1L9
T4X 1M2
T4X 1M3
T4X 1M5
T4X 1M6
T4X 1N1
T4X 1N2
T4X 1N3
T4X 1N4
T4X 1N5
T4X 1N6
T4X 1N7
T4X 1N9
T4X 1P1
T4X 1P2
T4X 1P3
T4X 1P4
T4X 1P5
T4X 1P7
T4X 1P8
T4X 1R1
T4X 1R2
T4X 1R3
T4X 1R4
T4X 1R5
T4X 1R6
T4X 1R7
T4X 1R8
T4X 1R9
T4X 1S1
T4X 1S2
T4X 1S3
T4X 1S4
T4X 1S5
T4X 1S6
T4X 1S7
T4X 1S8
T4X 1S9
T4X 1T1
T4X 1T2
T4X 1T3
T4X 1T4
T4X 1T5
T4X 1T6
T4X 1T7
T4X 1V1
T4X 1V2
T4X 1V3
T4X 1V4
T4X 1V5
T4X 1V6
T4X 1V7
T4X 1V9
T4X 1W2
T4X 1W3
T4X 1W4
T4X 1W5
T4X 1W6
T4X 1W7
T4X 1X6
T4X 1Y6
T4X 1Z3
T4X 1Z5
T4X 1Z7
T4X 2A1
T4X 2A9
T4X 2B3
T4X 2B5
T4X 2L5
T4X 2P0
T4X 2R8
T4X 4N5
T4X 4S5
T4X 5A9
T4X 5K8
T4X 6X1
T4X 7H0