We know that you have been looking forward to moving for a long time now, to move to a whole new country and start the next step of your life. As moving day is approaching closer, you might get a little nervous about this elaborate process of shifting everything that you presently own. To make things a little simpler, here are a few tasks that you must particularly perform while moving across countries. 

Create a checklist

The first and the most important thing to do before getting started with the task of moving homes across the country is to gradually prepare a check-list; something that will have all the necessary items mentioned in it because there is no scope of coming back to this place to fetch your stuff. Move around every room and make a list of the indispensable things and the ones that you have the option of leaving behind. Strive to take lesser things along with you because the heavier the shipment, the more it will cost to transport across the countries. The furniture alone ends up using 60% space in your house and in some cases the amount you will have to spend in buying new things will be a lot less when compared to moving and packing it from this country, paying extra charges for shipping them abroad and then finally unloading them in a different country. Perhaps moving to the capital of New Zealand is your preference considering the low COVID-19 transmission rates, if moving your furniture is a must, then contact a few Wellington movers and get an estimate ready beforehand.

Think about your mode of transport

Before moving on any further, think about the mode of transport that will conduct the moving; the best way to do it would be through the on-road vehicles if your new country is not too far from your original point. Other than that, if you are taking a flight, make due arrangements to transport your car to the other country. Packers and movers who have been in this business for a while now will transport the car in its original condition and present a reasonable quote. 

Pack safely and sincerely

When you have chosen to pack most of your stuff by yourself, you must do it in a careful and safe way. Start a few months before the actual day of moving so that (i) you don’t leave anything behind in the last minute, (ii) take due care to the packaging approach so that the valuable items are not damaged when introduced to the vulnerability of traveling miles. Other than papers, protect everything else in the box with bubble wraps and put thick layers of tape on each side of the boxes. Fill in the empty spaces in the boxes so that the items stay intact in their original position and put labels on your boxes so that your movers know which ones should be handled with extra care. 

Contact cross country movers

Moving across countries all by yourself is almost impossible and therefore you need assistance from cross country movers so that none of your belongings are lost or broken. Get in touch with a few moving companies and present them with a list of all the belongings that you are planning to relocate so that you have an estimate of all their prices and the services included in that, which will help you make an informed decision. Also, for people who are not too familiar with the moving policies in a different country, having knowledgeable and experienced movers will help alleviate stress in dealing with unavoidable procedures that need to be fulfilled before entering the country. 

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